Totally Normal

Yo people! The girlfriends arent in here, but that doesnt mean I have anything against them, k? This story is about five 19-21 year old girls named Natalie, Kayla, Vanessa, Vicki, and Bailey. When they get to meet the boys, what will happen? I dont know, read and find out! Please don't tell me you don't like it! I will cry! Hope you love it! NOW READ :)


18. Hit and Run

Natalie POV

For the whole entire plane ride I had music blasting through my ears. I guess it helped me feel as though my ears weren't popping. I fell asleep about half way through the plane ride. Besides, you can't blame me, I stayed UP ALL NIGHT (LOL) trying to find a way to get Vicki to stay in America. Well that plan didn't go too well. I turns out that we're actually doing the opposite of that. Why? Oh, I don't know, why don't you ask 'Mr. Genius Harry'. In fact, why don't you ask him how the covers 'magically' get off of your bed at night while your at it. Sorry, I went a little far, didn't I? I just don't get it, the only moment Harry and I every got along was when I first met him. Hmm. Maybe our personalities just don't quite... get along. Which is so strange, because he's my boyfriend's best friend. God, I love that word. Boyfriend.

Bailey POV

The plane ride was pretty peaceful actally. The planejust landed, and everyone else was still asleep except for Natalie and me. When everyone was walking out of the plane, Natalie and I had to quickly wake everyone up. But it. Was. HARD. Not only because they were not cooperating, but evryone looked so adorable when they slept. Well, the guys, not the girls. Now I can proudly say I watched One Direction sleep.

Vicki POV

Oh God, I do not want to get out of the plane. I don't want to have to go through all of this. OUCH! Did someone just kick me? I opened my eyes finally. "Vicki, come on, we gotta get out of the plane." Kayla said, seeming to be just as tired as I was. "But I don't want to." I mumbled. Not a good idea. "Well why don't you tell that to Mr 'Let's go back to Poland for no reason and then come right back'. I'm sure he would love to hear your opinion." Natalie snapped at me, but more so directed at Harry. "You know what, why don't you just stay here in Poland. I'm sure all of the others*cough*no one *cough* would absolutely love to stay here with you." Harry snapped back at her. There was a moment of silence. Out of no where, Harry and Natalie just burst out laughing.

"Well you guys, I'm happy that problem is resolved and all, but I see my parents, and I'm pretty sure they see me." I said. I could feel my whole entire body get warm. "Okay guys, pretend we don't know eachother. GO!" Natalie commanded. They all went off to find a bathroom where they would wait for me, and for the boys not to be spotted. I walked up to my parents.

*Translated into English*

"Victoria! We were so worried! What happened? Did they try to convince to stay?" My mother asked, wrapping her arms around me. "Well mom, I made some friends over there. And yes, they did try to convince me. And it worked. " I said, getting ready to run any second now. They were just so controlling that its completely not out of the ordinary if they just picked me up and carried me home. "What do you mean it worked? You're here with us, aren't you?" My father asked, reaching out to take my hand. I quickly took a step back. "No trust me, it worked." I said, turning around on my heals, just about to sprint, when my father grabbed hold of my wrist. I quickly turned around, slapped him, and ran to where the bathrooms were. Well, I would say to were my destiny was, but that would be kind of awkward....

Natalie POV

We had been waiting in the girls bathroom for about 5 minutes. We all decided just to sit down and wait for Vicki to come. Just then the door opened. "Guys, I'm nervous, what if Vicki doesn't co-" Liam was interupted by us yelling at him to get out. To think he was the one that always followed the rules. "Liam! What the hell are you doing in here? Go into the boys bathroom NOW!" Bailey yelled at him. "But I'm scared...." Just when he said that the rest of the boys walked in. "GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE YOU IDIOTS!" I yelled at them. Before they could do anything, the door swung open one last time. "You guys, we need to go, NOW!"


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