Totally Normal

Yo people! The girlfriends arent in here, but that doesnt mean I have anything against them, k? This story is about five 19-21 year old girls named Natalie, Kayla, Vanessa, Vicki, and Bailey. When they get to meet the boys, what will happen? I dont know, read and find out! Please don't tell me you don't like it! I will cry! Hope you love it! NOW READ :)


7. Before the incident

Kayla POV

Before the incident:

Niall and I had gotten along really well so far! He's a great guy (even more than I expected), and I think I was actually starting to devlope feelings for him. But Bailey, poor, misunderstood Bailey, just stood off to the side, like she was lost. She would glance over at us once in a while, and give me a small smile, but why wasnt she talking to anyone? Especially Zayn. I thought she would be all over him the second we got in there, now that I think about it, maybe pulling her off to the side wasnt such a smart idea... "Hey, I'll be right back, I'm gonna go check on my friend over there..." I whispered to Niall. He pulled me right back down. "No, wait!" He said said, almost shouting. I must have looked concerned because his expression almost immediatly. "Why don't we just ask her to come over by us?" Niall said with puppy dog eyes. EH MA GAWD, HES SO CUTE! "I guess so..." With that being said, he called out, "Ay, blondie! Come over here and eat with us!" I was about to tell him her name but- "By the way, leprechan, my name is Bailey." She said, claiming her spot on the other side of Niall.

It had been about ten minutes and Bailey was still sitting with us. To think she was the least shy out of all of us. She hadnt spoken to any of the boys tonight besides Niall, and that wasn't very much. Then I saw Zayn walk up behind her and tap her shoulder. "Excuse me..." Zayn said to the back of her head. I never thought eyes could change so easily, until now. Bailey's eyes, her medium, perfect little blue-green eyes, grew, like, times two. Then her stomach growled. That's weird, she just ate! She was about to turn around, but then we heard, "ITS ALIVE!" It sounded like Louis....



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