Totally Normal

Yo people! The girlfriends arent in here, but that doesnt mean I have anything against them, k? This story is about five 19-21 year old girls named Natalie, Kayla, Vanessa, Vicki, and Bailey. When they get to meet the boys, what will happen? I dont know, read and find out! Please don't tell me you don't like it! I will cry! Hope you love it! NOW READ :)


11. Baby-sitting Cousins

Natalie POV

"Hello?" I said into the phone. "Hi Natalie! Its Tina! You remember me right?" She said my cousin (in-law) Tina. My family is kinda weird, because Tina is actually about 10 years older than me, and long story short only my second cousins are my age. "Of couse! What's happening?" I responded, not even realizing that I sounded like Zayn for a minute there. "Well, I was wondering if you're free to take care of David tomarrow?" David is my 3 year old second cousin whose adorable, likes to punch, loves cars, and is awkwardly quiet for a 3 year old. "Yeah! Sure, I would love to!" And I really did want to, he's extremely adorable. Not easy to take care of, but adorable. Besides, I wanted to do something nice for my cousins, I hadn't seen them for 2 two years. Well, that is besides my cousin Tommy (who's basically my cousin crush). We had been best cousin friends forever, well, despite a slight phase in middle school when he was too "popular" to be seen with me. "Okay, I'll drop him off at 10 AM and we'll come to get him around 10 PM, is tha alright?" OF COUSRE IT IS CAN I HANG UP NOW AND SCREAM, was what I wanted to yell. "Yeah, sure, see you tomarrow!" was what I settled for.


Tina had just dropped off David and I was toring him around the house. Crap! I forgot to tell the girls that I was baby-sitting! "Hey, David, wanna come help me wake up my friends?" I said placing a smile on my face. A nod of the head was all he did. "I'll take it." I mumbled while picking him up and carrying him upstairs. Appariently Bailey decided to fall asleep on Kaylas floor. "Okay David, plug your ears." I wispered to him. He did so, and I set him down. "GET YOUR LAZY AMERICAN BUTTS UP OR I'LL KICK 'EM!" I yelled out. Ever scince we started hanging out with the boys, I had been calling the girls lazy Americans, which they were. The two of them shot they're heads up like I had yelled out bacon. Next were Vicki and Vanessa who had fell asleep on the couches last night. I repeated what I said to Kayla and Bailey to them, and they sat up right on que.  By then Bailey and Kayla were already down stairs, and THEN they realized that I was holding David. "Awwwww, who's the father?" Bailey said in a cheeky tone. "Louis for God's sake, who else?" Kayla said stepping forward to inspect the object in my hands. Just then the door bell rang. I handed David to Kayla, leaving her with a surprised face. " OH MY GOD I MISSED YYOU SOOOO MUCH GET YOUR AMERICAN BUTT IN HERE!"

I was sooo happy that Tommy had came to visit, but the others... not so much. Two of them never even met him in the first place and were already judging, and Kayla and Bailey just enjoyed the fact that they could tease him because they went to the same school as him. David was sitting on Tommy's lap and laughing at the fact that whenever he punched Tommy, he would make a dead face. Typical TomTom. The girls and David had decided to go play in the backyard. Tommy and I had been talking about how we had been doing. "Hey, so, ya know that one band called One Direction that I love so much?" I said to him. "Yeah, why?" Well," Before I could finish the next word, the door bell rang. Tommy and I both stood up to get the door at the same time. When we got there,  the person standing there's face went red. Louis looked alomost shocked when we opened the door. "Who's this?" Louis questioned, narrowing his eyes at Tommy. "Oh, this Tommy! Tommy, this is Louis." I said, trying to lift the tension, but I think I lowered it even more. "Don't I recognize you from somewhere?" Tommy said raising an eye brow. "Maybe. I don't know. Well, I'll see you later." Louis said, tuning around and stomping off. In his hand were flowers.

I told Tommy I would be right back, and then I ran after Louis. I grabbed his wrist and spun him around. He had and angry expression. "What's wrong Lou? You look upset?" He stared into my eyes in a cold way. "After all that has happend. After all of this, you go and date someone else?" He said softening his expression. "What do you mean? We're not dating! Tommy's just my cousin! and why do you care, its not like you're my boyfriend or anything!" I fired back at him. His mouth opened as if to say something but nothing came out. He whispered, "Unless you want to be." I quickly took him into my arms and whispered "Of course I do Lou, of course I do."

*Your walrus speaking! I'm sorry I haven't exactly included the other girls' "love lifes", but I will in the next chapers, mk? I LOVE YOU MY DUMPLING! DON'T FORGET TO FLOSS! X

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