Lasting Love

Jessica ( Jess or Jessie) has never been a fan of One Direction. When it's her best friends ( Ana) birthday she has to go to a concert with her. And she also got backstage passes. But Ana has to unexpectedly leave leaving Jess By herself with them. She realizes there not bad and she even falls in love with the one and only Louis Tomlinson.


5. The Kiss


It was now 12:30 and we were leaving the coffee shop. I really liked Jess. I don't care if I just met her, I was falling for her. I held ou my hand and she gladly took it.
" Where are we going?" she asked.
" That is a surprise." I said smiling.


We were walking for about ten minutes talking when we arrived at park. No one was here so it must be a private one. Louis took me through a bunch of leaves from bushes to get to I don't know where. He pulled me through and I saw the most beautiful place ever. It was a forest with a crystal clear lake. It also had a small water fall. The trees where decorated with little pink flowers. The way the trees were, you couldn't see the sky above except in one little part. The sunlight shone through onto the water making it glisten. It all just took my breath away.
"Do you like it?" Louis asked me.
"No! I love it!!" I said amazed.
"Great I was hoping you would. Your the only person who knows about this place except me."
"How did you find it?"
" I was just walking when I tripped and fell through the bushes.". He said sounding a little embarressed that he used to be so clumsy.
" I- It's beautiful!" I stuttered.
He took my hand and led me to the edge of the lake. Then he jumped in.
" What are you doing?" I asked giggling.
"Having fun!" he yelled back. He swam over, grabbed my hand, and pulled me in.
I came up.
" Thanks." I said sarcastically.
"No problem!" he replied smiling. I went under water and swam over to Louis who was also under water. He just looked at me with his eyes open ( of coarse) and leaned in and kissed me. I kissed back. He pulled away and we went up for air. The kiss was perfect! :)
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