Lasting Love

Jessica ( Jess or Jessie) has never been a fan of One Direction. When it's her best friends ( Ana) birthday she has to go to a concert with her. And she also got backstage passes. But Ana has to unexpectedly leave leaving Jess By herself with them. She realizes there not bad and she even falls in love with the one and only Louis Tomlinson.


2. The Concert (part 2)

I spent most of the day watching tv. At about 6:30pm, Ana came over to go to the concert. I took us about 45 minutes to get there. When we got in we went to look for our front row seats. About 10 minutes after the concert started. They More Than This and one of there solos stuck out. The one who had sung it had the most beautiful voice I've ever heard. He had sparkling blue eyes and brown messed up hair. He was just amazing. I was starting to look forward to meeting them. One Direction was actually a really ba.. group. The concert was over and we went to line for backstage. We were last but it wasn't a long wait. Right before we went inside Ana got call.
Jessie and I were about to walk in when my phone started to ring.
( phone convo)
Ana: Hello?
***: hello. Ana?
Ana: Yes. May I ask who's calling.
***: This is Dr. Maywell from Lords Hospitle. Your parents had gotten in a car accident and you need to come down right away.
Ana: Um.. O- Okak. Thank you for calling.
I said almost breaking into tears.
" What happened'" asked Jessie sounding worried?
I told her what happened and she said it would be fine and she would find a ride home. I thanked her and left.
I couldn't believe what had just happened. I hope her parents are ok. Well now I was left to meet them by myself. I opened the door and walked in only to see that amazing boy staring up at me.
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