Only a Fan. Or Not?

It's almost summer and Caitlyn and her friends: Chloe, Nikki, Laurel, and Zoe, are going to have an unexpected summer. When Caitlyn goes to her grandma's house in upstate Wisconsin, she gets unexpected surprises. Her grandma gets her a part time job at a bowling alley. One day five boys, four British and one Irish, come in to bowl but end up breaking the bowling alley. They later need a place to stay. She later befriends them, but what happens when she tells her friends, who happen to have a MAJOR crush on them? (who wouldn't) Caitlyn knows they're famous, but she doesn't care. Friendships grow and romances start to brew. Only a fan. Or not?


2. You Did Not!?!

I hate to disappoint them but what are the chances of One Direction coming to northern Indiana? I mean all we have is fields and a few small, and I mean small, attractions. If anything, I think they would go to Chicago or Indianapolis, maybe Michigan City but I doubt that. Maybe they would come here. Wide open space...Not that many people...Go somewhere new...but that would be like a one in a million chance, the same odds as meeting them.


In the mid west, there are twelve states: Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota, Ohio, Missouri, Nebraska, Michigan, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana. And the odds of them coming to Indiana, northern Indiana, are...?


"Look you guys..." I started to say. "Let's talk about this at school." I said instead.


"They aren't just coming for a concert...they are coming for a vacation!" Chloe screamed through the tiny iPod screen.


"Yeah! I mean...I didn't think about that...a concert?" said Zoe a wee bit confused. I could tell in her tone.


"Oh Zoe..." Laurel said laughing through the phone. Well now I know they can all hear each other.


I sighed and leaned in a little closer to the phones/iPod to get a bit clearer since I was walking around the kitchen getting my breakfast while listening to their conversation. "Let's talk about this at school. Meet me by my locker." I said. And with that, I hung up on all of them. I picked up my cell and called Nikki. After about two rings she picked up.


"Hello!" she sounded happy today. "You sound happy?" I said with a bit of excitement. "I am...So, Chloe texted me about One Direction..." she said. Chloe would tell everyone she knew. I wonder if she did that. " too. You excited?" I asked. There was a pause. "Well... I mean, what are the chances of them coming to northern Indiana?" she asked. I stood there shocked for no reason. "Are you reading my mind?" I asked then glanced at the clock, 6:58. CRAP! I have to leave soon. "I got to go Nikki. Meet me at my locker. See you soon!" and with that I hung up not even giving her a chance to say bye. Oops... I grabbed a Pop-Tart, brown sugar cinnamon of course, and my backpack and cell and what am I forgetting... OH! My keys! I grabbed those and head out the door.


It was a calm car ride to my school. The down side, the smell of fresh manure in the morning. So many farms along the way... But the traffic...oh who am I kidding, there is never traffic unless there was a car accident. The car ride was turning silent, and I can't have that. I was flipping through stations when I heard a familiar tune.


I'm still wide awake! I want to stay up all night and jump around until we see the sun...


I stopped flipping through the stations and started to sing along. I couldn't help it. I kept wondering, what would have happened if Zoe, Laurel, Chloe, and Nikki were in the car with me? Laurel and Zoe would scream, Chloe might scream, and well Nikki would just sing along like me. Actually, we would all sing along. I was then pulling into the school parking lot. I pulled into my reserved spot and went inside.


It was 7:10. I got here at good time. I went to my locker and put my stuff in there. I soon felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around slowly to big pulled into a big hug. "Hi Nikki," I gasped out. She took my breath away. I pulled away to bump into someone. "Sorry," I said picking up their stuff I knocked out of their hand. "It's not ok!" said a familiar voice. I did a fake cry. "I'm so sorry Lo!" I put my head in my hands and pretended to "cry" but I was soon pulled into another hug. "I was kidding!" Laurel said. I pulled away from the hug and looked at her. "I know," I said while laughing. Then I noticed Zoe running up to me. She had the biggest grin ever.


Then I noticed down the hall...she didn't... "Chlo you did not!?!" I said amazed by her outfit. I can tell Laurel and Zoe wanted her outfit. Nikki and I thought it was cute! "You like?" she asked twirling. Laurel stopped her by grabbing Chloe's shoulders and shaking her. "I WANT that outfit!!!" she paused. "Scratch that... I NEED that outfit!" Laurel said continuing to shake Chloe. I got in between them, literally. Chloe on my right, Laurel on my left. They were both talking about the outfit in yelling form. I can understand why Laurel wants it, I can understand why. She had the red skinny jean, with a striped shirt. Chloe calls it her "Louis Outfit" me, I just call it cute! But Laurel has a crush on Louis.


I was getting tired of the "argument" so how do I stop it? Then it hit me, I stopped trying to stop it and looked down the hall. "Kevin?" I asked. Laurel and Chloe both stopped and looked down the hall, Zoe did also. Nikki and just started laughing. We got some glares but it's all good.


"You did not?!?" Zoe said getting her attention away from the hall. I looked at her and gave her a serious smile. "You but I did," I said in my British accent. There was a moment of silence until I thought of something to get a conversation going. "I'd make that pigeon, disappear." I said sounding like Liam. Nikki got to what I was doing and chimed in. "You horrible man." she said sounding like Zayn. There was a pause. "Well, I'd make that pigeon, reappear." Laurel sounding just like Louis. Chloe started cooing even though I was supposed to.


Yes...yes... sometimes just for the heck of it, we would start quoting from their video diaries.


Zoe's face lit up! She thought for a sec then did Niall's move to get a girl. "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhh." just like Niall and did the movement too. Chloe, well, she quoted Louis. "I like a girl who eats carrots." She just loves that line. The other day, she kind of dressed like a carrot without thinking of it, green pants and a bright orange jacket.


I decided to change the subject then. "Can you believe it? Our last day. I'm going to miss this place." I said to my friends. They looked a bit confused, then it hit Zoe. "OH! I too." she said excited at first then she was sad. Laurel nodded. "I am going to miss seeing you guys every day." Laurel said a bit sad. Chloe still looked confused. Nikki helped her there. "It's the last day of school." Nikki said like she was talking to a first grader. "Of senior year." I chimed in. "OH!" Chloe said holding out the "o" sound. "I knew that." she tried to cover up. "Sure you did." I said. "Says mommy." Chloe said sounding like a first grader. "Don't you mean Daddy Direction?" Zoe said. We always called each other by our 1D names sometimes. "No...I mean mommy." Chloe said.  Then she touched my hair. I backed away and playfully slapped her hand. "No one touches the curls." I said with a bit of tude. "Now she sounds like Harry." Zoe said. "What if we straightened your hair?" Laurel asked. I gave her an evil look. "No one touches the curls." 


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