Only a Fan. Or Not?

It's almost summer and Caitlyn and her friends: Chloe, Nikki, Laurel, and Zoe, are going to have an unexpected summer. When Caitlyn goes to her grandma's house in upstate Wisconsin, she gets unexpected surprises. Her grandma gets her a part time job at a bowling alley. One day five boys, four British and one Irish, come in to bowl but end up breaking the bowling alley. They later need a place to stay. She later befriends them, but what happens when she tells her friends, who happen to have a MAJOR crush on them? (who wouldn't) Caitlyn knows they're famous, but she doesn't care. Friendships grow and romances start to brew. Only a fan. Or not?


1. My Morning

I felt myself slowly awake.


I slowly lifted my head to see my navy blue headboard. I then realized I was laying on my stomach and my feet were resting on the top of the back of my bed. No wonder why my face hurts. I let out a small laugh then turned my head to the right to see my black digital clock with bright green numbers that read 4:57. I sighed and then brushed off the little piece of fuzz on my little fuzzy yellow pillow. I sighed again. I have been waking up before 5 ever since 6th grade. School starts at 7:20 but the bus used to pick me up at 6:10. Ugh...




I reached my right arm over and smacked my alarm clock, literally. I then rubbed my eyes and sat up. The only light was from the lamp post outside that was shining through the white blinds of my window. That and the little glow in the dark stars that stuck to my ceiling. Those have been there since I moved in. Who knows how long they have actually been there... I then swung my legs over the side of my bed and let them just dangle there. I had a loft bed since I was ten. I loved the thing! That and mom and dad wouldn't get me a regular bed. The other bed is in the guest room.


I jumped down from my loft, ignoring the steps. Those bookshelf steps my dad made me when I was younger, I used those instead of my ladder. I am telling the truth when I say this, I never used the ladder because I was worried I would fall off or hit my head on my fan that was constantly on. I never use it now because I never wanted to grow up... I never changed my room design, my bed, my style, my stairs. I never wanted to grow up and I like it that way.


I made my way out of my room and to the bathroom. I switched on the light and flinched. Wow... I have never noticed how bright the lights are. I looked in the mirror and let out a laugh. "Well...who is this?" I asked myself pointing to the mirror and laughed. My curly hair was now in spirals. I took one with my right hand and started messing with it. I pulled it down and watched it bounce back up. This always amused me. I also noticed, my hair, was like the afro I never wanted. I laughed again and started the hot water for my shower. I closed the curtain and stripped down.


The shower felt nice. I scrubbed in my shampoo then scrunched in my conditioner and washed my body and shaved. I shut off the water and quickly wrapped my towel around my body and stepped out of the shower. I grabbed my red robe and put it on. I combed through my hair and then wrapped my towel in my hair. The whole time I was humming "Moments" to myself. I took off my towel and grabbed my hair product, moose. I put some in my hand and I flipped my head and started scrunching it in my hair. I then took off my robe and threw on some capris and my pale yellow shirt and grabbed my glasses. I ran downstairs. I grabbed my iPod on the way and turned on my music and went straight to One Direction. Then, I ran to the kitchen to find I have four new text messages and three missed calls. All the texts were from my best friends: Laurel, Chloe, Nikki, and Zoe.


~from Nikki: Morning!

~from Chloe: I'm SOO EXCITED!

~from Zoe: OMFG!!!

~from Laurel: DID YOU HEAR!?!


Nikki seems like the normal one out of the texts. I wonder what they are so happy about now? Just then, Chloe was face timing me on my iPod. I answered it and she had the biggest smile EVER plastered on her face. Then my phone was ringing, it was Zoe. I grabbed it and answered. She screamed into the phone. I jumped. Then my home phone was ringing, it was Laurel. I answered it and she was silent for a sec. I was in the middle of saying hello when she screamed. I am just waiting for Nikki to call somehow. She didn't.


"I'm so excited!!!" Chloe said through my little iPod. "Oh my ... GOD!" Zoe screamed through my phone. "Did you hear!?!" Laurel said very loudly. I put my cell by the iPod and phone by my cell and asked them why are they so excited. There was a long pause. What did I do?


It was like they were reading each others mind through the devices.



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