The Passage Of Yoda

A short installment about Yoda and the choices he made to become the revered Jedi master you all know. This story tells of a young and spritly Yoda in the infancy of his mastery of the Force and it's infinite complexities.

Please don't grill me about facts about crossed timelines and characters and the like as my research hasn't, admittedly, been meticulous. Please do give constructive criticism though.


1. Unknown Adrift

The cargo deck's rusting, pneumatic doors clunked shut with a short release of steam. Yoda shuffled his five toed feet a few steps forward, in the long line to the deck above where windows and seats were; he wanted to sit down. Bored, he glanced through the filthy, oily grates (that made up the floor of the cargo deck) at the robust, unyielding machinery that seemed impetuous in its movements. It surrounded the main starboard engine and thrusters like a metallic exoskeleton. This ship was barely space-worthy. Yoda grimaced at the blended smell of grimey metal and humidity. "I know what you're thinking." His Human friend began, "We'll be on the upper decks soon." He whispered, smiling at Yoda's mild discomfort. "If you know what I think, then know that Tatooine's equator in summer's height is cooler than this room, you would. Hmph." Yoda grumbled. His Human friend let out a gutsy laugh, momentarily attracting the attention of most of the other people in the queue. They ascended the groaning metal stairs to a doorway which lead to the much cleaner observation deck. The doorway was manned by a Republic official with a checklist and a small, handheld scanner. He sported grey robes and black boots with a blaster-proof jacket. His face was tired and haughty. "Workslips." He said monotonously, without looking up from the checklist. Yoda's human friend nodded and held out two cards, with various codes and numbers embossed on the surfaces. The official swiped them from his hand in haste and held them under the scanner's light. Every few seconds, one of the codes from the cards would appear on the screen of the checklist. Presumably, they were their details, thought Yoda. He knew relatively little about technology. The official drew in breath as if to speak. He did. "So.." He began. Yoda sensed he was trying to make small talk to fill the time it was taking to scan their workslips. The official continued. "Off to the Core Worlds eh? You and err... stumpy here?" "We are indeed." Replied Yoda's friend. "We're searching for work." The official handed one of the cards back. "Oh really? I heard almost all of the jobs had gone." He said as if to taunt. "I believe there'll be some left." Yoda's friend said defensively, straightening his back a little. "Good day." He concluded, taking back the other card in the same manner in which it had been taken from him. Yoda shuffled through the doorway after his friend, shooting a stony gaze at the official as he passed. Yoda was indeed a 'stumpy' creature, as the official had called him. Standing sixty-seven centimetres high, he was by far the smallest organism in the room. (excluding bacteria and insects) His thin, brown hair was long and slicked backwards in a wide stripe from the top of his forehead and hung down, all the way, to the middle of his back. His skin was thick and mottled green. Wrinkles had only just started to form on his large forehead. He had reached the tender age of Eighty-Seven only the during the previous week. His friend slumped on a bench by the windows, seemingly disheartened. A tall man, he too had long brown hair and a defined, thin face. He wore a Black flight jacket which had seen better days and grubby boots with thick soles for walking. Yoda hopped onto the bench half-heartedly and stood up in order to gaze through the window at his home planet for the last time for, what would be, a long time. As the ship breached the Stratosphere, he too turned away from the window, and slumped onto the bench with a grunt of exhaustion. "You might as well get some rest." suggested his friend. "We're at least Nine hours away."  Yoda nodded in acknowledgement. "Sleep then, I shall." He said as he drifted out of consciousness.

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