Growing Stronger or Falling Apart?

Emily is a very talented girl, a triple threat. Singing, Acting, and dancing is all her but dancing is we're her heart is. She's making her way to the top and finds love on her way but does that make her happy or bring her down to loose everything she worked for.


6. Strong but Can't Forget

4 years later

"Noah come on!" I yelled for him

Noah was now five and knew how to speak. He was a little touch man. He looked more like Harry now. Eery time I looked at him it reminded me of my curly haired friend. I tried to for get about them but it was so hard. I was now 23 years old. I celebrated my birthdays with some people I never thought I would.

At 20 I had my second job as a dancer for Beyonce. I went on a tour with Rihanna as a dancer. I danced in multiple videos and at concerts. I had a lot of fun doing all those jobs. I was working on my singing and Beyonce was helping me. I've been on my way to the top. Acting wasn't really on my mind now. Lila moved from Hoboken to New York as did I. She was making a lot of money working at the Broadway Dance studio.

"I'm ready. Let's go." Noah said.

He dressed him self still look completely full of swag. He had his grey sweats on with his Yankee snap back. He was wear a shirt with the twin towers on it and his Yankee inspired Nikes on. "I'm positive your are my brother, we swag as hell."

I used that word around him because it he heard it before and he didn't use it though I taught him better than to curse at a young age.

I had a pair of blue tie dyed short shorts on with a loose white lace shirt and a pair of blue toms. It's was my birthday today and I wanted to spend the day alone with Noah just hanging around driving and walking through New York and probably New jersey. New York packed as always I made a mistake decided to drive. I have a full tan so I was good to make it through this long drive. Noah sitting in the back seat was extremely bored. "Why did you drive? It's packed." he pouted.

"I'm sorry I know I made the wrong mistake little man." I replied

"Yes, yes you did." he was sassing me.

"Don't you take that tone with me little boy." I said a little loud.

He back up in his seat. "Sorry mom." I starred down.

God it hurt me when he called me mom. I taught him to call me Emily but sometimes he called me mom. I never called him son just Noah, Noh, little man, buddy and a bunch of other stuff but never one have I called him son. I haven't told him I wasn't his mom I will wait till he is older, it was too soon to tell him now. "I'm sorry buddy. I didn't mean to get loud." I apologized.

"It's okay I'm sorry I sasses you." he smiled.

I looked back at the road and we began to actually move. Yes that's right we were able to get my black range rover to move in New york. The were two clear blocks which I were glad to see. We were heading to a Mc Donald's to get lunch and head to the park. I parked in the parking lot and ran inside with Noah in my hands. I wouldn't let him walk in the streets even though he is five.Noah didn't like it much but he knew he could get lost. "Mc Donald's for a summer birthday." I kissed his cheek as we made it inside. 

There wasn't a long line just two people ahead of us. We we happy we got more time to spend with each other. Some of that happy got slapped out of be when the words One Direction came from the tv that was on behind me. I turned quickly Noah propped up in my arms. It was a interview with the boys. Five years later and they still looked the same not much changes. They kept the Quiff Movement going. Zayn was focused on his phone, te rest of the boys looking back at the interviewer. "Zayn you seem a bit distracted by your phone." the interviewer smiled.

He looked up after finishing what ever he was doing. "Sorry I was texting... Someone it's her birthday today." he apologized.

The rest of the boys head shot to him. "You did it?" Niall questioned and Zayn nodded.

It was my birthday today and what ever that text said I hoped it wasn't for me. But I also felt happy if it was me after all these years they still remembered my birthday. "I'm going to text her." Harry said

Everyone else joined in looking at their phone quickly typing and finishing their text. "well that's a lucky girl. Who is she?" the interviewer questioned.

They all stuck out their phone revealing the name. The camera got a close up and bam my name shot up on their phones. "Em that's your name." Noah looked up at me confused. I laughed.

I couldn't believe it. I didn't receive the text yet but I remembered the boys lived in London only confused me. Time was different there it had to be a lot later there. It was twelve here. "Well I hope you guys enjoy your third North American Tour." it escaped the interviewers mouth from the tv an into the room. 

I held my phone in my hand now calling Lila. She didn't answer the first two times and I was now up to order. I place my order being a number two and a kids meal, six chicken nuggets. I waited aside and called Lila again placing Noah o the floor just holding his hand now. She answered. "Hey what's up?" 

"Something very weird just happened. I can't believe it. They remembered my birthday and are on tour here." I replied

She automatically knew who I was talking about. "How do you know?" she questioned

"I'm at Mc Donald's with Noah and it came on. Zayn was into his phone texting and ten he said it and all the boys joined in a texted and then they showed who it was my name. They said it was her birthday and the interviewer asked some questions. I'm freaking out!" I got a bit loud and embarrassed at threads turning towards me.

"freak out good or freaked out bad?" it was a serious question.

"Bad extremely bad." a beeping noise rang in my ear. It was a text message.

I looked at my phone nervously. "miss your food is ready." the food slide across the counter on a tray towards me. I grabbed it.

"text me now." I hung up the phone tucking it into my pocket to grab the tray.

I let go of Noah's hand grabbing the bag of our food and walked out. I handed the bag to Noah so he could hold it as I carried him. I left my car parked and walked six blocks down to the park near tine square. It wasn't a long walk at all. I found a picnic table and settled us in. "Here you go buddy." I said grabbing out Noah's meal and placed it in front of him.  

He smiled and began to eat. I pulled out my meal and took a bite of one of my burgers. I slowly pulled out my phone to see the I had seven new messages. I got a tight squeezing feeling in my gut and unlocked my phone. With my new job I had bought the IPhone 4s. I looked at my phone to see seven messages lined up. Five unknown numbers and two stored in my phone. I skipped the five unknown number and went straight for the first stored number. Mark was the first name he is my boyfriend. We started dating two years ago and had many fun times. I read the message it said, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY I love you so much can't wait to see you and spend your special day with you Noah and Lila. once again I love you!". It was such a sweet message and I loved it so much I replied right away. "Thanks! I can't wait to see you and spend today with you too and I love you as well." 

I went back to the message page and was tempted to press one of the unknown numbers but quickly turned away an hit Lila's name. "You need to watch this video NOW!" a link was added an I clicked on it. I led to a YouTube page. I watched and tears filled my eyes I dropped my burger wrapped up the rest of the food I didn't finish and gave it to the homeless man laying on the bench with a big car of different items and his ripped clothes. 

I walked back to to Noah who was finished with his meal. The video was of all the boys. Zayn had writen a song called "Only You". He sang it with the band and it was all about our relationship from when we met to the end. The lyrics that I spotted out were "I know I lied and I hid it from you I never said it til the day I left you but baby just know that I never stopped loving you I can't move on baby there's only you."

I let go of a few tears. Noah hopped of his seat and walked to me getting a hold of my hand. "Don't cry." said holding on to my hand.

I wiped my tears and placed a kiss on his cheek. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" he screamed randomly.

I laughed we were weird crazy random funny swagged out siblings. I held his hand as we walked through the park back to my car. He sat in the back seat again putting on his seat belt. I turned on the car ten the radio and there it was "Only You" playing on the radio. I was in love with the son it was so sweet. I took out my phone before driving away and unlocked it and went straight to the message page. The five messages from unknown numbers still not opened. I clicked the first one and began to read. "Happy birthday you sexual dancer. You are still close to my heart gurlll. Sass mastabas friends for life remember! -Louis" I laughed at the message. I wanted to reply but I decided to wait and read the rest of the messages before I did anything. I went back and clicked the next message. "If I was with you I would by you food and I know this message isn't as good as Lou's. Happy birthday Emily. -Niall" still the same boys. I went on to the next message. "I know you have been old enough to drink for three years but no getting drunk. Happy birthday to you and I hope many more are on the way! -Liam" Daddy Direction. "If you forgot about me I will be pissed off. I better still be number one on your chart. Happy birthday and I wish I was there to spend it with you. -Harry" I read the rest of the boys but not Zayn's I saved the numbers to my phone including Zayn's. I put my phone down and began to drive. I wasn't sure where we were going but the regular traffic in certain spots gave me time to think. I received a call from Mark an answered it. "Hey babe." he said

I smiled. "Hi love. What's up?" I replied

"nothing much just extremely bored at home doing nothing. How about you?"

"in traffic with Noah. We just ate and um I just... Nevermind it's not important."

"Okay, you want to meet up?"

I was just there not knowing how to answer. He didn't even attempt to get it out of me which seemed like he didn't even care. That hurt. "Um... Sure I'll head to our house now." I hung up quick and check the message from Zayn.

"Happy birthday! I couldn't ever forget. I hope you and Noah are doing good. I hear your dance career is off to a great start and that you've been on tours too. I hope you heard the new song. :) you probably didn't want to but I hope you listened. Tell Lila I said hi. -Zayn" boom I let a tear go and went back to the previous messages to answer with thank you's.

I placed my phone back down and headed to Mark's house. Mark had a nice fancy apartment his parents were quiet rich but that's not why I went out with him. When we first started going out he was really sweet. The first year he were really nice but this year hasn't been the best. He got abusive at times which left me with bruises he was nice but it always changed. I was nervous but he never hurt me around Noah. 

We made our way upstairs to Marks apartment. I knocked on the door and waited for an answer. He answered the door and let us in greeting me with a big kiss once I was in the building. I hugged him. "Happy birthday baby." he smiled 

I smiled back giving hi another kiss as a thanks. Noah was already seated on the couch turning on the tv. He didn't like Mark at all an he never told me why. He just sat quietly on the couch mad because this is supposed to me our time.

An hour later

Noah fell a sleep and I put him on the couch were he was watching tv. Mark and I watched tv in his room so we would wake Noah. I was texting all the boys but zayn. We were catching up on four years. I never texted Zayn back and I told the boys not to say anything not yet. In a week on June 12th they were having a Concert at the Izod center and they were spending a week in New York.

I actually wanted to meet up with the boys and I decided I will, I just didn't want to see Zayn at the time. Noah didn't remember much about them he didn't even realize them on tv. "Babe can you get off of your phone." it wasn't a question and I put my phone down quickly.

"Sorry. What do you want to do?" I questioned laying down on the bed.

He smiled at me and then spoke. "I want to give you your birthday present. Close your eyes."

Before closing my eyes I put my phone in my pocket. I was now laying down with my eyes closed. There was no sound at all I was confused with how long it was taken but finally I felt his hand on my knee. "Keep your eyes closed." I did as I was told.

I didn't know what was going on. I was just laying on his bed with my eyes clothes. I felt his touch again but higher this time on my waist. After every touch he removed his hand and placed it higher. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable. "What are you doing?" I questioned.

He kissed me than moved back to speak. "Just relax." mark replied.

I didn't want to relax it was uncomfortable. He was hovering over me. He cupped my right breast and my eyes snapped open. I slapped his hand away quickly and he slapped me across my left cheek. Both of my hands were held across my left cheek, it hurt. He began to move and I struggled to get loose. I didn't realize he was naked until I looked down and saw his junk. He held my hands above my head so I couldn't push him away or even hit him. I kicked and kicked. I didn't want to do this. "Get off of me! Get of of me!" I screamed over and over.

"Shh your going to wake your brother." he said shoving a rag into my mouth preventing me from speaking.

He still held my hands so I couldn't do any of my fighting back. I kicked him hard not realizing I kicked his junk but he was in pain and let go of my arms. I took my chance to get up and run out of the room. I picked up Noah from where he was sleeping on the couch and ran out the apartment and down the stairs. Noah woke up from how I pulled him off the couch and onto my chest. I stumbled a lot on my way down but continued run. A heard the door leading into the stair way from his floor open, he was following me. I was two flights ahead of him trying to speed up. I made it out of the stair way into the lobby then out on the streets.

My car was parked right in front. I flung open the back seat door and placed Noah in. Before I could make my way to the drivers seat I felt a hard tug on my hair. I fell back onto the floor. It was Mark, he watch me laying on the floor for a second then lifted me by my hair up to him. Tears were already streaming down my face as I tried to remove his hands from gripping my hair. My teeth were clenched and people we're staring but weren't sure what to do. People began to pull out there phone calling the police. "Let go of me!" I said through my clenched teeth.

Another slap across my left cheek. Now people were trying to pull him off of me. He threw me to the ground hard and I hit my head on the concrete side walk. I heard Noah crying at the sight from the back seat of my car. I tried to lift my self to get to him but my head hurt too much. Two men and women surrounded me now asking me if I was okay but not suffocating me with questions. "Are you alright?" A man in a navy blue suit jacket asked me, I suspected him to be a business worker.

"Yes." I replied in a weak tone.

A lady with hazel eyes, blonde hair and light skin now spoke. "How's your head?"

"It hurts." I stated in pain.

Before they could ask any more questions I broke in. "The little boy in the car," I paused and swallowed hard. "he's my brother. Can one of you check on him, please? Please?"

The second lady, who hasn't spoken at all shot up to check him right away. I could feel that she was a parent she couldn't see him like that. Noah banged on the window wanting to be let out of the car.

The lady opened the door as quick as she could and Noah jumped out of the car landing on his hands and knees. I heard his hard footsteps as he ran towards me. He sat by my chest looking down at my pained face. Tears escape his eyes. He heard the sound of sirens and turned quickly. People where holding Mark away from me along with keeping him from leaving the scene. I pulled out my phone and handed it to the lady who got Noah for me. "Call the first number you see and tell them." she grabbed the phone and did so.

I watch as she was talking by my car but couldn't hear any of watch she was saying. "Emily, please be okay. It's, it's your birthday." tear were streaming down his face and the faces of the three remanding people around me did as well.

I tried to lift my self once more at first I couldn't but the two gentleman helped. I was now sitting criss cross in front of Noah. The two men by each of my sides just in case I leaned back or fell along with extra protection. I was dizzy I held my head in my hands for a minute before looking up at Noah. Tears were still flowing from his eyes. I pulled him into me and wiped away his tears with my thumbs. He hugged me tight and I draped my arms over his little body. The police and medics were here. The blonde lady called over the medics. They rushed over to me and I slowly let go of Noah and just held his hand. "Ma'm are you okay." a young lady in uniform asked me.

"I was slapped twice and throw to the floor." I replied

The lady returned with my phone and handed it to me. "They are on their way." she replied

"Okay." I answered first. "Wait they?"

"Yes they said they we're already here in the US and that they will be here soon." she replied

I knew who she was talking about right away. She called one of the boys and now they're coming to see me in the hospital. "Let me help you on to the gurney." the young medic said

I lifted my self up onto the gurney with Noah in my arms laying on my chest. The medic smiled at Noah and didn't saying anything of him not be able to be there with me. She understood most likely thinking he was my son. The accident was on Tv. I knew because fox five news, Pix eleven and all these other new channels were here. I knew Lila was going to find out and if the boys were watching the news they will get the story. I was told that later today there will be a little interview to catch up on the story. I sighed I was really into telling about my life unless i was with some one I knew.

I held Noah close to me as he played with a strand of my hair. He stopped crying now and was laying silent on my chest. My phone rang I looked over at the medic and she nodded her head that I can answer. I look at my phone it was Beyonce. "Are you okay? The story just showed up on the news." she wanted her answer and I heard her husband Jay-Z, who I haven't seen in a long time, in the back round with there adorable daughter Blue Ivy.

"Yes I'm fine now, on my way to the hospital to get checked up. I was slapped twice, got my hair pulled and thrown on the floor which caused me to hit my head." I replied

She gasped in to the phone. She was telling her husband and he said replied. "Emily we will make time to see you, I can't be there today we are are in Cali." Jay said.

"Okay, but it's fine dot fuss over it we can keep up with text, calls, face time, the usual stuff." I replied

"Okay we just want to make sure your okay. You are close to out hearts remember that." he squeezed in before handing the phone back to Beyonce.

"He's right, we don't like seeing you hurt even Blue Ivy dislikes it." she added

I smiled knowing they couldn't see it. "Tell your beautiful four year old I said hi."

"I will." she chuckled.

I looked out the window realizing we were at the hospital now. "Just made it to the hospital I will text you later."

"Fill us in with how you are feeling." I replied yes and we hung up the phone.

Noah's head on my chest looking up at me. "I love you." he whispered. It shocked me he didn't say that much and when he did it made me smile but this time something was different. He didn't just say it he meant it. From the emotion in his eyes, the dried tears on his face, the new tears forming in his eyes causing his green eyes to slightly shine. I kissed his forehead and replied I love you too.

They opened up the doors of the truck and lifted the gurney out than began to roll me into the hospital. I sat up holding Noah in my hands. I was a bit dizzy but I didn't enjoy just seeing the lights above it bothered me. I don't like hospitals ever since the birth of my brother. My mother had died and my father had died, he couldn't live without her. They stopped at room 127. I smiled and made my way in. One medic helped me in. My head was spinning and I was barely able to keep Noah in my hands, he held on tight.

I was now sitting propped up on the bed Noah next to me. I looked at my wrist and say little scraps from were Mark dug into my wrist so I wouldn't hit him. At one point he had bit on my neck and I knew I would have a hickey there later. I had a scrape on my cheek and right arm from when I hit the floor. My left cheek was red from the two hard slaps. Other than that I found no marks. My head began to loss grip of the pain and feel better but I still needed to be checked. A nurse with light brown hair that was held in a pony tail just at the end of her upper back, gorgeous hazel eyes, and the perfect skin tone a mixed between a caramel and a milk chocolate. She reminded me of Zayn a bit, with the looks of course. Her voice was soft as she spoke explaining how she was going to clean up my scrapes and get me an ice pack. She saw my wrist and cleaned them up as well then lightly wrapped them I bandages. She handed me a the ice pack and then left.

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