Growing Stronger or Falling Apart?

Emily is a very talented girl, a triple threat. Singing, Acting, and dancing is all her but dancing is we're her heart is. She's making her way to the top and finds love on her way but does that make her happy or bring her down to loose everything she worked for.


4. Noah's Birthday

It's been two weeks since Zayn and I first met and got together and today will be the first time I will be meeting Zayn's four friends Niall, Louis, Liam, and Harry. In a way I was excited to finally meet them. We talked about them a bit and I talked to them once or twice on the phone. I knew Liam was like the father to them all even though Louis was the oldest. He also had a girlfriend named Danielle who was a professional dancer. Niall was the only Irish one of them all the rest of the boys being British and he also loved food. Harry has a daughter name Lux. Louis was extremely funny and has a girlfriend name Eleanor. 

Lila and I were at the pier where we were having Noah's party. Noah was sitting down quietly on the bench waiting for us to help him up once we were done. I dress Noah in a nice black leather jacket with a grey v neck under. He had dark blue ripped jeans and his black and grey Jordan's on. Holding back his curls was a grey beanie. He looked so adorable full of swag, I just loved it.

Lila was wearing a pair of baby blue skinny jeans with a cute open back black shirt. She was wear her favorite pair of black studded combat boots and her reddish dirty blonde  hair was straighten and placed over her left shoulder.

I was wearing a purple corset with a short black skirt. I had two inch purple studded heels on. My loose curls were same as usual I had a black bow holding me hair back. I recently got bangs. The ones that stay in front of your face.

We had a super hero theme set up. The cake was a half sheet with the avengers on it. We had a few balloons, banners with different superheroes on them. It wasn't going to be a big party just Lila Zayn and his friends and of course Noah.  I placed the cake on the table and Lila went to go get Noah. Two hands covered my eyes and I let out a small giggle. "Guess who." a extremely familiar accent that I loved  said. 

He turned me around still covering my eyes and we moved in for a kiss. He let go of my eyes and I smiled. "I'm so happy you made it." I smiled.

"Why wouldn't I make it. It's Noah's birthday, I can't miss my little mans birthday." he placed another kiss on my lips.

"Zay!" we heard Noah scream in excitement 

We walked towards Lila so Zayn could get him. Once Zayn had Noah in his arms we walked over to his friends so we could officially meet. He introduced me to Harry first. Noah really did resemble him a lot. He went on down to Liam. "Nice to officially meet all of you." I smiled

"The pleasure is all ours." Liam replied he really was the grown up of them all.

I spotted Harry looking at Noah studying him. I laughed and gently touched his shoulder. "It's amazing how much he resembles you." 

"Yeah it is he my mini me." he laughed 

It was weird being with the boys in real life. Over the phone we were all fun mostly Harry and I. We both goofed of and I talked to him about pranks he could pull on the boys but in real life it was like we were strangers. 

I managed to get the part of the pier we were at blocked of for only us including a little park. The manger of the park helped me out getting it verified by the city. He was a close friend  of my parents and checked up on Noah and I once in a while. There seemed to be quiet a few boats and helicopters out this evening. Right now it was 3:30 p.m I wanted it to be like dinner party. We had music a lot of food, that I made sure Niall didn't attack before the party ended. It wasn't going to be a long party even though I had a week of from work and a week to work on my dance for a performance with Broadway Dance Center. 

In the time I have called Beyonce asking for tips on dancing and she help also giving me a spot in her next music video. It was going to be my first music video and I was excited. Lila was happy for me as she moved up from being a student at the Broadway Dance Center to being a teacher. We have taken class there for a long time since we were just pre-teens and she truly deserved that.

I walked over to the stereo turning up the music. Harry had Noah and was rocking side to side. Niall and Liam were goofing around and Louis was talking to Lila. Harry joined them in the matter of two seconds. 

I grabbed Zayn's hand pulling him to the dance area. I placed my hand on his shoulders his on my hips. It was a slow song so we rocked back and forth. He gently pulled me closer to him so we were chest to chest. I wrapped my arms a bit tighter and he shot me his perfect smile. I blushed a little a moved for a little kiss. He kissed me back holding me close. "Ew get a room!" Louis sassed

"None for me?" Harry asked looking at me.

"You really want some?" I replied.

Zayn looked at me. "Calm down, if he says yes it will just be a peck. It won't mean anything just a show." I whispered to Zayn

"I understand but remember you come back to me." he smiled

I nodded in reply. "Yeah I want some." Harry smirked.

Lila and I were shocked but no one else was. I slowly walked over to Harry. He gave Louis Noah to hold. "Close your eyes."  I whispered.

He did as I said. I nodded to Lila and she understood what I was talking about. She handed me the cup cake. I then lightly smashed the cupcake in his face.Harry opened his eyes shocked. He had a cupcake stuck on his nose with cake crumb and chocolate icing on his face. I touched his cheek grabbing some icing. "Mmmm that was sweet." I laughed

Everyone was dying laughing. Harry had a devious smile on his face and he grabbed a cup cake. I began to run. Even in two in heels it was easy but Harry was right there next to me in a matter of time. He turned me around and shoved the cupcake in my face. Everyone laughed a bit harder now at us two cupcake faces. He gave me a quick peck on the lips and I smiled. It was a friendship "kiss" I new he didn't have any intentions of being my "other half". I ran back to Zayn and gave him a big kiss giving him some icing and crumbs on his face. "You were right that is sweet." he winked.

I bit my bottom lip smiling. We walked over the a near by table to clean up our faces. Harry was busy trying to lick his face clean; Niall helped him by shipping his fingers along his cheeks to get some crumbs and icing eating it himself. I handed Zayn a napkin grabbing one my self as well. I ran the napkin along the corners of my lips to the sides of my nose. Zayn didn't have much on his faces so with a couple of wipes of a napkin he was all clean. Niall took the last of face icing off of Harry and then we went back to normal, sort of.

We were all dancing. Noah in my arms bopping to the beat. Zayn swaying back and forth, Harry and Louis doing pat the dog screw the light bulb, Niall doing his "Shakira" and Liam following Zayn with the swaying. I had a few Spanish songs. All they boys backed off the dance floor leaving Lila Noah and I alone. Lila and I smiled. I kept Noah held up against my chest with my right arm. Lila grabbed my left hand with her right and we began to dance. It was  a salsa dance. Lila and I with our Spanish back rounds knew multiple Hispanic dances. We started dancing towards the last minute of the song so there wasn't much dancing.

Lila and I smiled at each other before letting go. Noah clapped which was followed by the rest of the boys. Some hip hop music came on and I set Noah on the floor to do his little dances. Louis and the rest of the boys were lined up side by side. "Inbetweeners dance go!" Louis announced 

They did the cutest little arm with a two step dance. Lila and I chuckled at them. They did that for a good eight count before Niall screamed stop and ran of for some chicken and white rice. I was but hungry my self and walked over to our table of food or as I call it 'the great table'. I simply love food just as much as Niall does. I grabbed a paper plate and looked over the food. We had white and yellow rice, chicken wings and legs with and without barbecue sauces, there was also a variety of pastas. We had penny vodka, bow-tie, and a few more. I knew what I wanted it was a easy choice. Chicken is amazing and everything else is poo. I grabbed two of both barbecue sauced and not and took small clump of yellow rice along with it. I grabbed a spoon and a can of Pepsi and took a seat at one if the three two tables pushed together. I just sat there watching thinking and enjoying every thing.
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