Growing Stronger or Falling Apart?

Emily is a very talented girl, a triple threat. Singing, Acting, and dancing is all her but dancing is we're her heart is. She's making her way to the top and finds love on her way but does that make her happy or bring her down to loose everything she worked for.


3. Meeting with The Band (Zayn)

The boys and I were meeting at the W Hotel. They managed to get an empty room for a meeting. I quickly ran up stairs. I was already twenty minutes late and I knew the boys would be even angry if I was any later. We were on the tenth floor room 1058. I barged into the room and all heads turned towards me. "I'm here, I'm here." I stated breathing heavily.

"Where we're you lad?" Louis asked walking to the refrigerator to grab and ice cold water.

"Yeah your never late to meetings." Harry added.

Catching my breath I managed to speak. "I was out, with a friend."

Liam walked in hearing my sentence. "Yeah, with a lady friend, named Emily." 

My eyes widened. I can't believe just did that. Once again every bodies head were turn towards me. "So who is this Emily?" Niall my irish friend questioned.

I grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator and sat down on a chair in front of the boys.  Liam noticed the little bump on my forehead and automatically questioned it. There it was Daddy Direction has come to make sure I'm okay. "Can you tell us the story. How did you met this Emily?" Niall questioned

Time to speak up tell tell them about my love life. I began from the beginning, from where Emily and I bumped heads. "When I was checking her head, I'd don't know we were two inches apart. She had the mist amazing brown eyes." they all began to laugh on how deep I was getting. "I asked her if she want to grab a cup of coffee but she couldn't since she had a dance class so I" I got cut off by the boys.

"No, you didn't." Niall questioned

"Did you?" Harry added

My face flushed with embarrassment and they knew the answer. "Yes I went to the dance class but didn't really do the dance. It was to Freakum' Dress by Beyonce and Jonte was teaching."

"Freakum' Dress. That's a sexual song lad." Louis winked and everyone laughed.

"No nothing happened but Emily is quite the dancer. She is fantastic." I added

"You were checking her out while she was dancing weren't you?" Harry smiled

"Well we all had to. Jonte noticed her dancing and picked her to show us all how the dance should look." I laughed

"So how did she look?" Liam questioned

"She looked, beautiful." I replied

"Just beautiful? Really Zayn really?" there was Louis little sass masta self.

"Okay, okay she looked sexy. Every move was perfect. All her emotion was in the dance. She is the best dancer I've ever seen." Liam's face changed with the fact that his girlfriend Danielle was a dancer.

"Ok let's skip the story to when you were at her house. Did you, you know?" Liam questioned daddy direction back again.

"Zayn had some sexy time." Harry added.

"No, no we did sort of make out but we were with her little brother and her room mate was there. Her brother is not even one and her room mate Lila is a dancer like her." I pulled out my phone to show them the picture of Noah. I showed it to them.

Niall and Liam saw it first. "He looks like a baby version of Harry." Niall announced

"Yeah how Harry looks now." Liam added.

They handed the phone to Harry. He was shocked. "We have the same hair color, and curls, and skin tone." Harry said amazed.

"And he has green eyes look how he's dressed." Louis paused. "How dare you not tell me you had a kid!" Louis screamed hitting Harry hard.

"OW! I don't have a kid but that little boy I god damn handsome." we all laughed to his reply.

I took my phone back and starred at the picture. The boy snapped me out of it and began to laugh. "You really like her don't you bud?" Niall questioned.

"Well she's... We're dating." I said hiding my face

They smiled as I placed phone on a coffee table placed in front of us. I was happy they seemed happy that we were dating I know I was. Even though we just met today I knew a lot about her and she knew a lot about me. "So let me guess she completely freaked out when she realized you were Zayn from One Direction?" Liam asked.

"Well she doesn't know about One Direction." I said quickly 

Their faced were shocked and I know what they were thinking, 'who doesn't know about one direction?' I nodded and just at that time my phone rang I didn't realize the number so I looked at my arm revealing the number Emily wrote on my arm. They all laughed as I compared the numbers. "It's Emily." I reached for my phone.

Before I was even close to having my phone Harry snatched it up, answered it and put it on speaker. "Hi Zayn!" Emily's voice came through the phone.

"Hi." I replied. "What's up." 

"Well Noah misses you, he doesn't want to stay at my job." she replied

"A working lady." Louis smiled.

"Am I on speaker?" she sounded a little embarrassed.

I laid my face in the palm of my hand and replied. "Yes, my friend Harry took the phone from me and won't give it back."

They all laughed. "Well hi Harry." she said a bit cheerful.

"What about us?" the rest of the boys said in sync.

"That's Louis, Niall, and Liam." I laughed

"Hi Niall Liam and Louis." she laughed. "Am I interrupting something?"

"No we are just having a meeting." Liam said.

"Well I have to go. Noah just crawled of and is eating the donuts. See you later." she hung up.

"He's a little troublemaker like you too and he loves food like you and Niall." Liam laughed to Harry.
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