Growing Stronger or Falling Apart?

Emily is a very talented girl, a triple threat. Singing, Acting, and dancing is all her but dancing is we're her heart is. She's making her way to the top and finds love on her way but does that make her happy or bring her down to loose everything she worked for.


1. Just The Beginning

It was just another usual day. I was on my way to dance rehearsals at the Broadway Dance Center in New York. Yes that’s right I’m a dancer, hoping to one day be able to dance among the greats of Hip-Hop, Jazz, Jive and every other dance that I can possibly be taught. But here’s the thing, being 18 it’s hard to get noticed for your talent. You may be great but there are many people out there twice as advanced. My name is Emily, Emily Ryan. As you already know I’m into dance trying to become the next big thing. I also love singing and acting, but dancing is where my heart is.  Knowing it will take a lot of work I never fail to reach my best. I live in the town across the Hudson River, Hoboken New Jersey. I got to New York by subway each afternoon to prefect the dream, working at CVS in my town each night to have some cash. I took a quick look at my cheap pre-paid phone and realized it was almost 10:30; my class begins at 11:00. I placed my duffle bag onto the top of my shoulder and jetted out of the train once the doors were open. I had around eleven blocks to run giving me a little work out before the class.

It’s difficult to run trough hundreds of people covering each street in my path. The first two blocks weren’t bad, but after that I made it to business workers in a hurry. Here is the time I wish I had a jet pack to soar over each head and land right in front of the doors of my destination, today being an important dance class. I was reaching towards my final Hip-Hop classes, which means I will soon be ready for my first performance with this company. This could be my chance and I couldn’t lose it. “You got this.” I whispered to my self, preparing for my tough run through the one and only obstacle course were humans are obstacles.

I begin to run not my fastest at first speeding up the closer I get. People shoving, pushing and doing their daily routine interfered with mine. But none of those people compare to the one person who has made it her goal to ruin my dream, Ivy Becker. Ivy is the one dancer in all of New York who seems to, well hate my guts. She doesn’t approve of my dream of becoming a professional dancer. She enjoys street dancing which includes battles among different dancers. “Yo Emily, come over here.” She ordered.

I knew what she was up to and I really didn’t want to deal with her. “I have a class to go to.” I replied

She laughed to the crowd she had ready for her plan. “Still working on that ‘professional dancer’ thing I see. Well let me cut it to ya, you don’t have the skills.” There it was the crowd going along with it, adding their sound affects.

I wasn’t going to let her bring me down; she just got me fired up. “At least I’m actually achieving my goal instead of breaking someone else’s.” I defended my self with a little sass.

More sound affects escaped the crowd’s mouth as Ivy was through with the talk and ready to battle. I was ready too sweatpants on; t-shirt was a check and combat boots ready to go. I walked towards the crowd with confidence. Slowly placing my duffle bag on a near by bench I stated I was up for the battle. “Let’s do this.” I said ready for the music to begin.

As the music starts we both prepare our selves. This is a Hip-Hop: Street Battle and nothing would stop me from winning. I made the first move using some patterns of different pieces from recent choreography. I gave it my all and realized the crowd growing bigger. I lost my self in my thought but continuing to give my piece everything I got. I attracted a crowd with my dance skills; imagine what I can do at performances. I ended my piece with a spin and dip. The crowd began to cheer quite loud then it was Ivy’s turn up.

Ivy is a worthy opponent. She knows her style of dance and I know mine. She was a bit off and not on point with the beat though which caused her to be a bit unstable. The crowd didn’t care though she brought them here and rather her battle me then them. She did a quick piece not getting much into the song but she earned her cheers.  I check my phone I had 15 minutes before my class started and I was almost there just three more blocks. I grabbed my duffle bag and started to run once again hearing the ‘boos’ from the crowd.

I turned back for quick second to then feel a pain in my forehead as a fell down onto the concrete floor. In turned my head to see a boy around my age in a navy blue hoodie with his right hand pressed against his forehead on the floor a few inches from me. “Ow… umm... Are you alright love?” he asked in a British accent that I found to my liking.

“Yes, I am. Are you okay?” I asked back

“Nothing bad just a little bump.” He replied with a smile as he helped me up. “May I check your head?”

“Yes, please.” I replied

He slowly removed my hand from being pressed against my forehead. He lightly touched my forehead with his cold hands. As he began to trace one spot on my head with his soft gentle hands I spotted his eyes being a beautiful hazel color that sent chills down my spine. A small grin appeared on his face. I couldn’t seem to remove my eyes from his face as he was still checking if I was okay. He had the perfect jaw line that made me crumble inside. His skin tone was light shade between caramel and milk chocolate making his eyes pop. He had slight stubble around his chin and upper lip. His hair perfectly swished up in to a front mow hawk with blonde highlights in front. “You will have a little bump.” He stated breaking me from my observations.

I smiled we were quite close to each other, his chest two inches from mine. “My name is Zayn.” He smiled

“I’m Emily.” I continued to smile

“Would you like to grab a cup of coffee with me?” he asked almost whispering

I blushed. “I would love to but I have a very important dance class.” I was now slightly frowning.

He was stuck at a frown but then his head shot up. “Would you mind if I join you? I’m not much of a dancer but I can try.” He seemed pretty persistent.

“Follow me. The dance studio is two blocks down.” I said while beginning to walk.

We walk at a slow pace not speaking just exchanging smiles. We had 10 minutes until the class start now being a block away. I began to grab my keys and wallet from my duffle bag. As we made it to the front door Zayn slowly opened it holding it waiting for me to enter. “Um… I forgot to tell you the classes cost eighteen dollars.” I whispered to Zayn.

He pulled out his wallet and found a twenty getting ready to pay. I handed Laura at the front desk the eighteen dollars along with my ID card. “Well who is this young man?” Laura said while smiling at me.

Zayn placed a pair of black aviators on hiding his hazel eyes. “This is Zayn.” I started. “We met this morning after bumping into each other. He wants to try out dancing.”

Zayn smiled while handing in the money to then wait for his change and ID card. As we began to walk up to the class I felt him reach for my hand inter twining his fingers with mine. I felt my face brighten in color as we waited for the elevator. Our class was on the third floor with a very special teacher today, Jonte, Beyonce’s choreographer and he was famous in Japan for his singing. I was super excited. This was my first class with him and he knows how to move. His choreography is unique and very energetic. I was hoping Zayn could keep up. He said he wasn’t much of a dancer and Jonte was some what of an expert class. We entered the class still hand in hand until broke to place my bag on the floor. Zayn followed me as I walked to a corner getting ready to stretch. He copied my every moved with the stretching. Every muscle in our bodies was stretched after a good fifteen minutes. Jonte enter the room. He wasn’t tall, about 5 foot one. This was the first time he wasn't dressed flamboyant as usual just a casual hip-hop style.

This class was an hour and a half; we had ten minutes for stretches. Zayn and I had finished our stretches and decided to take this time to talk and get to know more than each others names. “So I know your British and your name is Zayn. Oh and that your not much of a dancer, which I still don’t believe.” I laughed.

He flashed his perfect smile than began to speak. “Trust me; dancing is definitely not fond of me.” He laughed. “Well, my full name is Zayn Jawaad Malik. I was born and raised in London I am currently living there now, taking a vacation for a few weeks. I also like to sing.” I stopped him right there.

“I want to hear you sing.” I stated completely serious with a slight smirk running across my face.

I don’t know why but he seemed completely shocked. He pulled me close and whispered in my ear. “You don’t know who I am, do you?” he questioned

I was confused and didn’t know how to answer the question. Was I supposed to know who he was?  The confused expression caught his eye as he pulled away from me. He now starred into my dark brown eyes as I did the same with his hazel eyes. He softly reach to my face moving a loose strand of my hair back in place while lightly touching my cheek as he pulled away. “Who’s ready to dance?” Jonte broke us out of our stares and I shot up ready to learn.

Zayn took his spot next to me in the front of the class. He seemed a bit worried. Well he did say he wasn’t the best dancer but I encouraged him to stay by my side. “Today we will be learning cerography to Freakum’ Dress by Beyonce. To the men in this class you will be doing the exact moves as the ladies so get ready to be sexy.” Jonte announced.

He turned his back towards us then began to teach. “When the song starts you will all be frozen until the lyrics ‘hold up bring the beat back’ are said. Now you first hold out your left hand as if you were say stop for the lyrics ‘hold up’ then you will move your fingers telling them to come back.” He slowly went through the moves.

I looked at Zayn getting the hang of the first two moves easily and he smiled back cheerfully. “Now,” Jonte started up again. “You will swivel your hips for a six count, to then dip down for ‘stop’ and slowly roll up for ‘bring the beat back’.”

I was really enjoying the choreography. I never really did a “sexy” dance. As we moved on with the moves I began to love the dance more and more. I gave each move my all; hitting every move exactly on point. I was not going to make a wrong turn in the class of a celebrity. “I want one person who I realized stands out from everyone in this class.” Jonte started as began to walk my way. “What is your name?” he asked me while placing a hand on my shoulder.

I was excited but kept my cool. “My name is Emily.” I replied.

“Emily will be showing us her skills front and center. Everyone please take a seat in the front of the class room.”

I slowly walked to the center and waited for the music to begin. ‘Hold up bring the beat back’ I was being full out sexy with every move and placed all my emotions in the hands of the moves and music. I swiveled my hips into then dip slowly rolling up while keeping a hand on my thigh.  ‘Wait let me fix my hair’ I lightly messed up my hair and let it fall back into place. Taking four model walk steps up I whipped my hair to the right biting on my bottom lip while rolling up with my hands pressed against my right cheek. Each moved became sexier and sexier as the song continued. My emotion was to be fierce and have sass. I was coming upon the last move of the final lyrics of the song and decide to add a pinch more of sass as I model walked back to my original spot from the songs beginning.

The class room was filled with cheers and clapping. I smiled and blushed a bit too. “That is what you call dancing!” Jonte announced as he walked back towards me.

“Thank you Jonte.” I replied.

Zayn approached me with a huge grin. “You… are… you are amazing.” he stuttered.

“Thank you.” I said once more.

It was now 11:50 and Jonte let us leave for a thirty minute break. I grabbed my bag and began to walk with Zayn once again hand in hand. I felt his eyes seeping into me. He didn’t seem to look a way until I lightly jabbed him in the right rib. “Why are you staring at me?” I questioned

“You’re beautiful.” He replied making me blush.

I slowly stopped in front of him my hands now on his shoulders his on my waist. I wasn’t even positive what I just did until I saw him lean in for a kiss and I did the same until our lips met for a 5 second kiss. We both slowly pulled away smiling then walked to the corner into the Starbucks. Zayn pulled his hoodie on and place his aviators back on, I questioned why to my self. We walked up to order. "How may I help you?" they young lady behind the counter kindly asked.
"I would like an iced caffe latte." Zayn started before looking back at me.

"And I would like caffe mocha please." I added

"Coming right up." the young lady stated before heading of to fetch our beverages.

Zayn and I moved a small five steps to the left to make way for the other customers. "I realize why you said you weren't much if a dancer." I laughed

An embarrassed smiled spread across Zayn's face as a chcuckle escaped from his lips. I smiled slightly at the ground and thought to my self, "I like him. We just met but I like him. More than a friend." he began to sing in a low tone. "the way you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell you don't kno-o-ow you don't know your beautiful."

I was now just staring at him in awe. His voice was amazing and I couldn't stand there without hugging him. I softly wrapped my arms around his torso. "You are an amazing singer." I said some what in a whisper.

Zayn wrapped his arms around my shoulders to hug me lightly then softly place his chin on the top of my head. "Here are your two drinks." the young lady behind the counter said while motioning to us. 

We slowly let go of each other feeling a little awkward and walked over the grab our drinks and pay. I took a quick sip of my nice warm mocha caffe latte as we walked back out into the cold winter breeze. My loose white t-shirt didn't help much now, it seemed to be much colder than this morning. Zayn looked over at me to spot me shivering. He stopped and handed me his ice latte. "What are you doing?" I questioned

He looked down as he unzipped his navy blue hoodie. "You are obviously cold, I can't just stand here watching you shiver." 

My eyes seemed to droop a little. "Zayn don't do that it's cold and you can get sick." I argued

"But I don't want you to get sick." he looked up at my while releasing his arms from the sleeves.

"Zayn do..." he placed his index finger to my lips stoping me from finishing my sentence.

He placed the sweater on my shoulders then grabbed the drinks from me so I can properly put it on. I slide my arms in to the sleeves and zipped it up. It was baggy on me and the sleeves were longer then my arms but it warmer me up from being on Zayn for so long. Zayn smiled and handed me my caffe latte then we began to walk once more. 

We still had twenty minutes to do what ever we wanted. This time I grabbed Zayn's hand and he smiled. We walked to a near by park not to far from the dance center. There we quite a few tourist and citizens passing through and some children playing around. We sat on a bench sipping our drinks. Zayn broke the silence with a question I should've seen coming. "Tell me about yourself?" his accent sent a chill down my spine.

"What do you want to know?" I replied with a smile before talk another sip. 

"As much as I can get out of you in twenty minutes." her returned the smile.

"Okay, well my full name is Emily Nicole Ryan. I love to act, sing and dance. Hmmm um I'm 18, I work at a local CVS in my town. Um.. I share an apartment with my best friend,  Lila Wilson." I stopped to take a breath

"You don't live with your parents?" he asked

I looked at the grass covered ground and took a moment to answer. "Um... My parents past away last year." a tear streamed down my face.

"Oh I'm so sorry." he replied now trying to comfort me with a hug.

"I am too. My mother died giving birth to my brother and my dad the same day in a car accident." I got a grip on Zayn shirt before crumbling to the ground.

"Whats your brothers name?" he whispered.

"Well my parents didn't have the chance to name him so I did. His name is Noah Ashton Ryan. He's my whole world." tears began to appear a bit quicker. I hid my face in his grey shirt.

Zayn softly patted my back and placed a kiss on my forehead. "I'm so sorry that I asked." 

"It's okay." I replied "it just...hurts." I lifted my head see Zayn looking back at me.

"I would love to meet your brother one day." he retorted

"I can get that arranged." I smiled. "I don't have work until four so that gives us three and a half hours."

"Just enough time." Zayn smiled back. "So now you said you love to sing huh? Let me here some."

I smiled and didn't fuss about singing at all. I got up leaving my warm drink on the bench and stood infront ofZayn ready to sing. I took a deep breath than began. "Remember those wall I built well baby there tumbling down and they didn't even put up a fight they didn't even make a sound." Halo by Beyonce is truly one of my favorite songs so I decided to share it with him.

I continued the song til it's chorus. I smiled at Zayn which stated "did you like it?" and he smiled and nodded back with a yes. "I just had a brilliant idea." his face brightened and I became excited while warming my self up with my mocha caffe latte. "We should write and sing a song together."

"Are you serious. That would be amazing!" I replied

I couldn't stop smiling thinking of writing a song with Zayn and actually singing it together as well. It made me happy and feel special. I was sure as hell happy we ran into each other today. The idea about the song made this day complete. It was just wonderful. We finished the rest of our drinks in between some small talk. I checked my phone and saw it was just about time to head back. I grabbed Zayn's hand pulling him off the bench as he whinnied because he didn't want to go back. I told him we had about ten minutes left and it would be bad, he might even be able to sit out for the short period. As we entered the dance center once again showing our IDs for the second time we were quite silent but not to silent. We let out the usual small laugh smile and wink but not all at once. We enter to class to find a lady about a half a foot taller than Jonte standing in the class along side him. She had blond hair with slightly brown streaks. We couldn't see her face with her back towards us but one she turned around I could breathe and Zayn was nervous.

One again the aviators were on. I took off his navyblue sweater and handed it to him as I place the rest of my belongings into the floor. His sweater was back on him with the hood pulled on. Why is he acting so weird? I questioned to my self. "Ah Emily," Jonte started "I have someone I would want you to meet." he stood back leave about to feet of air between us two. "Hi, as you probably already know I am Beyonce." she smiled her million dollar smile as I struggled to find the right words.

"I'm Emily." I replied holding out my hand for a shake and she did so.

"I will leave you two to talk." Jonte said while pulling Zayn along with him.

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