Growing Stronger or Falling Apart?

Emily is a very talented girl, a triple threat. Singing, Acting, and dancing is all her but dancing is we're her heart is. She's making her way to the top and finds love on her way but does that make her happy or bring her down to loose everything she worked for.


5. It's Time She Found Out

Zayn's P.O.V

It's been one month since Noah's birthday. I still haven't told Emily yet, I just don't know how. The boys kept bugging me about it. I was lost in thought sitting on the couch looking at the pictures I have of us. My background on my phone was the picture of us that Jonte took of us at the Broadway Dance Center. I had many pictures of us. When we goof off, being ourselves, with Noah, and some of us being romantic like kissing and that stuff. It's been about a month and a half since Emily and I started dating. We always found time for each other. With band meetings I made sure I saw her and Noah every chance I got. 

Harry was getting a little friendly with Lila. They flirted but he didn't want to start anything considering we are leaving.... Today. That word hit me hard we are leaving today well tonight I haven't told Emily anything not about One Direction not about anything. I laid my head in my hands and let a few tears go. "What's wrong buddy?" it was my Nialler. 

He took a seat next to me an placed a hand on my back gently patting it. I didn't lift my head knowing more tears were to come. I wasn't sure if I should tell Niall or not. He is like my brother. Maybe I just didn't want to know it was true. I love Emily and leaving her like this. How would she feel? 

Niall stopped patting my back and replaced it with a slow rubbing. I slowly lifted my head and sat back. I grabbed a blue pillow with navy accents and held it tight against my chest. "Are you okay?" it was Liam.

Niall looked watching his every move as he made it towards us.

Liam's P.O.V

Niall watched me as I walked towards them and pulled up a seat right in front of them. Zayn was spaced out and I knew why. He has made it about two months with Emily and still wasn't strong enough to tell her. We were leaving late tonight to head back to London. Our winter vacation was ending quicker than we hoped. We had to head back to discuss new singles and visit our own family if we chose to do so. During this whole vacation we were in disguise any time we were outside. We used the usual hat glasses and head down trick and it was working fine for us.

Well back to Zayn I could see it in his eyes he was torn apart. His eyes were full of tears, some escaped and made their way down onto the pillow he kept tight to his chest. I looked towards Niall and he still ha his eyes on me. I shrugged at him and he shook his head. 

I didn't know what to do and neither did Niall. I was stuck and worried about my bud. What could I do?

Emily's P.O.V

I was up getting ready to spend another day with Zayn. Today we were all hanging out. Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam, Lila, Noah, Zayn, and I are spending some time together. I was walking around my room in a pair of grey sweat pants and a loose black t-shirt. It was 4:50 p.m and we were all meeting her at 5:00. I had the place cleaned up Lila was changed as well as Noah. I was the only one still unprepared. 

I looked through my draws and found a pair of really cute black loose leather shorts with gold zipper pockets. I slipped off my sweats and threw them towards the laundry basket across the room, I missed. I left the sweats there to lie on the floors I pulled on my shorts to continue looking for a shirts and some footwear. I found a white blazer and slipped out of my shirt and put on my blazer and buttoned the three lower buttons. I had a solid white bra on with out a shirt over. I was trying to look slutish or anything I just liked that style. I spotted a pair of silver vans with white polka dots. 

It was now 5:10 p.m as a began to walk out of my room I heard the cutest laugh I the whole world. I ran out quickly and turned towards the small crowd. Everyone turned back towards me. "HAZ!" I screamed while jumping on top of him. We fell to the floor and everyone stood back and watched us. 

His laugh filled the room again and so did mine. He held me against his chest. "Mmmmmmwwwwaaa!" I placed a kiss on hi s for head. 

"I feel loved." he laughed

I rolled of of him and we both got up. "Why wouldn't my best friend in the whole world Mr. Harry Styles be loved by me?" I smiled

Harry got up and lifted me slightly. "okay stay right there don't move. You are in the perfect place." I felt a push and flew back into a pair of muscled arms.

I screamed as my heart skipped a beat. I saw a 'zap' tattoo on the arms wrapped around me and knew who held me. "Don't worry I got you." he whispered into my ear then place a long kiss on my neck.

Watching Zayn and Emily at that moment broke my heart. They were perfect together and he was hiding a huge lie from her. It killed all of the boys and me as much as it did Zayn. I didn't want to see them part but we had to. I knew Emily wouldn't take this well. I knew her for quiet sometime and we have become close friends, she is my best friend.

I lost that thought, I couldn't think about my best friend and my brother parting. I lost focused of that now. Zayn was gently kissing her neck still and she had her head on his shoulder and it seemed to be getting a bit intimate. I shot a quick look at Liam and we were shocked. Louis was enjoying the view and Niall was with Noah and Lila. I was a bit jealous because of him and Lila, Niall seemed to fancy her as well. "So..." Liam broke there moment.

Emily's head shot off of Zayn's shoulder and Zayn was now standing straight. They seemed a little embarrassed. We've seen the be romantic but never like that. Zayn never acted like that with his any of his previous girlfriends, I knew this was because he was doing this because this was his last day with her and he was lying. Another smack in the face. Lying, Zayn lying, I still couldn't believe it.

"Emily you look hot today." Louis smiled. "No shirt." he winked at Zayn.

Emily gently punched Louis releasing her self from Zayn's grip. I stood there shaking my head. Classic Lou.

Zayn's P.O.V

I never use this word to describe a girl but Emily looked sexy with her white bra with a matching blazer over. It was getting closer and closer for the boys and me to leave and I tried not to think about it but I didn't know how to tell her yet. I pulled her back to me for a quick kiss this time. "You seem horny." she laughed into my ear silently.

I laughed back. It's was sort of true but I just didn't want to let go of her. I needed her with me. We all walked over to the couch and began to talk. "So what's new boys?" Emily asked

Right away all of our heads shot up looking around at each other. Should we tell her? No, not yet or should we just get it over with. "Well...." Liam started.

My eyes darted towards his with anger yet sadness too. "We are.. Lea" Niall paused looking at all of us.

My head shot to the ground. I couldn't keep it from her any longer... It hurt too much. "Emily we are One Direction. A band formed off of The X-Factor. We are quiet famous. Um... we are leaving tonight." I said quickly looking back up.

Everyone was looking at me including Lila and Noah. I knew Noah didn't understand it all but he did understand us leaving. The boys stared back at me with no expression. I knew they couldn't believe I just blurted it out like that and frankly I couldn't believe it either.

Niall's P.O.V

Zayn just spilled everything. I wrapped an arm around Lila pulling her a bit closer to me for a hug, she hugged back. I didn't want to leave, we've been through so much in a month and a half they were part of your family.

All of our eyes drifted to Emily who was blankly staring at the newly placed coffee table. Her eyes were full of tears and I knew she wanted to cry and just let everything out. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier." Zayn moved to place a hand on her shoulder but she shot up before he could.

With tears now rolling down her cheeks she replied. "You waited to the day you were leaving to tell me?"

She moved away from him and I was stuck. I didn't know whether to speak or stay shut. If I made one wrong move I could mess it up much more. I stayed quiet. Lila lightly and gently held on to me. She didn't want them to end anymore than anyone of us. "Emily.." was all I was able to get out.

"Was I just some girl you got to call yours during your vacation?" Emily was a bit loud and her tone was angry.

I held back everything and decide to stay shut until I knew exactly what to say.

Lila's P.O.V

Here I am holding onto Niall scared of what Emily might say next. I knew she was extremely angry but for me I'm glad they told us. Emily is the type of girl to over look and think things and she was doing that right now. Zayn loves her with all his heart as well for Noah.

Emily looked towards me with sad eyes and I knew she was torn. "I can't believe you would do something like this. I guess I'm just the girl that you needed to make it through the winter." she stated as she stormed out of the house.

Tears streamed down my face and Niall pulled me closer to him for comfort. I held on to him tightly hiding my face in his chest. He placed a gental kiss on my head and rubbed my back. Emily is falling apart.

Harry's P.O.V

Louis, Liam, and I looked at each other quickly before following Emily outside. She wasn't walking down the hall so I guessed she took the stairs. We ran down the stairs with Liam telling us to be care not to trip and fall. We made it down the two flights and ran through the lobby and out into a little area with a few benches set outside. Louis spotted Emily at the far end of a sets of benches. We jogged over to her Louis now in front leading us. We slowly down the closer we got to her.

We stood two feet away from her sitting on the bench.Her mascara was running with the help of tears. I didn't like seeing her cry it hurt me. "Emily." Liam said quietly

She looked up a bit wiping the mascara from under her eyes and her cheeks. She was didn't realize she was pouting by the expression in her eyes. Liam shot her his kind puppy dog eyes and she got up and hugged him. Was she going to listen to us or was she still upset?

Emily's P.O.V

Liam arms wrapped around my shoulders for a comforting hug. My eyes were closed an I slowly opened them to see Louis and Harry stand before me. I slowly let go of Liam and backed away about four steps from them all. "Emily," Louis pause to think quickly of what he should say next. "please understand that we are all sorry we didn't tell you earlier."

I didn't want to hear this at all. I wasn't angry at them I was angry with Zayn. He's my boyfriend, or atleast I thought he was, he should I told me on day one. I now know why he said "you don't know who I am do you?". He got close with me and Noah just to hide a secret then leave. "I'm not angry with you guys." they smiled "I'm angry with Zayn." the smiles disappeared.

"But he loves you Emily, he truly does." Liam replied

I lightly shook my head as a few tears streamed down my face. " If he loves me why isn't he right here telling me? Why does he have you telling me?" I began to walk a way I didn't want to do this right now.

Louis' P.O.V

I told the boys to stay back and I followed Emily I needed to talk to her. The boys stayed back and went to Zayn and I caught up to Emily. I turned her around quickly still not know what I was going to do. I kept my hands on her shoulders starring at her. She had tears on her cheeks and the stain of mascara under her eyes. Her eyes still sparkled with the sunset. She starred back at me both of us with nothing to say. We moved into a hug her head on my chest. I placed a kiss on the top of her head. Something about got to me at the time and I lifted her head. She looked up a me and we both moved in for the kiss. I placed my hand on her cheek hers on my chest. We kissed for a quick minute. He lips were so soft soft and I missed them as she pulled away. She was shocked. "What did we just do?" she questioned

"I liked it." I replied a bit silent. "but you and Zayn."

W she didn't answer we just walked back into the apartment fast. It was 7:00 now all the drama took a lot of time. When we made it back the only boy left was Niall. He was watching Noah play on the floor with an arm around Lila. "Louis everyone else left they said to meet them at the hotel. We have to get ready to leave." Niall stated.

Emily hugged me tight and I hugged her back. "I'm sorry about everything today." I whispered in her ear.

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