Growing Stronger or Falling Apart?

Emily is a very talented girl, a triple threat. Singing, Acting, and dancing is all her but dancing is we're her heart is. She's making her way to the top and finds love on her way but does that make her happy or bring her down to loose everything she worked for.


8. Getting Ready

I knew what Lila had planned. She wasn't good at keeping secret. She was getting the "surprise" party ready. I drove to my house. It was a silent drive, a bit awkward but not long. I parked in the alley and Harry and Zayn shot me confused looks. Noah hopped out of the car and walked to the door. It was the only door in the whole alley. It was a wooden door painted gold and had paint splatters on it. I unlocked the door and headed in. My apartment was basically a big building that I owned. There was a dance studio on the main floor and my apartment was on the floor above that. I walked to the elevator with the boys following behind me, Harry and Zayn still confused. I pulled the lever and we went up. I pushed the lever back into place and turned towards the wall to my left. "That's a wall." Harry stated.

"Or is it?" I pushed the was which was really two doors.

They swung open and I stepped into my house. Noah ran straight to a cushioned roomed for practicing flips. Zayn and Harry followed me in awe. I placed my keys on a table with a statue of the words dance. "This is your house?" Harry questioned looking around.

"Yup it's all mine and Noah's." I smiled walking more into my house, they followed.

I made my way past the kitchen, tv room, and work room to get to my room. Yes I wanted a Step Up 3 looking house but I changed it to be my style. A door was clothes to my room. It was a silver door with a life size drawing of Michael Jackson standing on his toes. I pushed my door open by the knob. I walked in my room Zayn and Harry following again. My walls were a purple and right towards the corner I had a king sized bed covered with black and white sheets and blue pillows that made it pop. I had a big 'dance' mirror covering one wall next to the next silver door leading to my walking in closet. I walked into my closet past my wall of shoes to my clothes. I picked out a white crop top with I triangular opening on my back. I slipped of my shirt not yet putting on my new shirt. I then walked to some hangers that held my high low skirts. I picked out a pink peach one. I then pulled of my shorts and walked back to my wall of shoes, sneakers, boots, heels, and other foot wear. I bent down to get my beige ankle boots with a matching flower design on each side. "What's this room?" He stepped in and I shot up only in undergarments and my outfit in hands. He looked at me stunned. "I'm so sorry Emily." Zayn said still looking at me.

"Uh it's okay." I said walking towards the love seat in the middle of the room and placed outfit on it. I turned away from him and tried to unclasp my bra but I could get it. I was hesitant to ask him. "Um Zayn, can you help me?"

He walked over to me and unclasped it. I held the bra to my chest to grab my shirt then I let it fall. Zayn was still in the room, still behind me. I slipped the shirt over my head but got and uncomfortable feeling when the back of my shirt got rolled up together. Zayn lightly touching me unrolled it and touched the the small part off my stomach that wasn't covered by the shirt. It sent a chill down my back. He slowly moved away as I reached for my skirt and pulled it over my legs and a half inch over my shirt. With the front being a lot higher than I expected it reached a bout a half foot down from my lady part. I turned toward Zayn and smiled than moved to grab a pair of socks and put on my boots. I now moved over to jewelry and purse. I found a black studded clutch and a pink peach ring to match my skirt. I turned towards Zayn. "How do I look?"

"As beautiful as always." He replied moving towards me.

One part of me wanted him to walk the other way but another part of me wanted him. He was now chest to chest with me. I looked up at him placing my hands on his chest covered with a grey t-shirt. We both moved in for the kiss. I was on my tippy toes moving my arms around his neck and my hands moving to his hair. He moved his hands to my waist and we stood in the kiss for another five seconds. As we pulled away I stared at him. I felt tears forming in my eyes and I wasn't sure why. I pulled away from him and walked out off the walk in closet. I realized Harry was no longer in my room but I didn't worry about the right now. I walked to the bathroom and wiped my eyes so I could apply make up. I went with a simple look mascara and black eyeliner which made my eyes a bit dark and a clear lipgloss. I tucked the make up in my purse in I needed a touch up. I had my phone in there as well. I walked out if my room which left Zayn along me not knowing if he was still in my closet. I walked to the living room which was connected with the cushion room. I spotted Harry doing flips into the pit of cube cushions and Noah working on his front flips.

I laughed as Harry's head popped up from the pit which made him look like a hippo, just showing his eyes. "Come join us." Harry shot up out of the pit.

I motioned to my skirt and he nodded. I heard my phone vibrate form in side my purse and pulled it out. It was from Lila. "Head to my house now." This couldn't be any more obvious.

"Everybody we will now be heading to Lila's. Let's go!" I announced and everyone got up and followed me to the elevator down to my car.
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