Growing Stronger or Falling Apart?

Emily is a very talented girl, a triple threat. Singing, Acting, and dancing is all her but dancing is we're her heart is. She's making her way to the top and finds love on her way but does that make her happy or bring her down to loose everything she worked for.


10. Did We Just Do That?

I couldn't hold it any longer. I know he was my bestfriend but he was just so cute I love him so much. He was hot and I knew it was weird because I still had feelings for Zayn. It didn't matter now though. We both wanted it and went for it.

Our lips crashed against eachothers hard. It was make out kissing and I wrapped my arms around his neck tangling my fingers in his curls. He moved his hands to my waist and cupped my cheek with his left hand. I wasn't sure if this was real or if I was dreaming. I realized it was all real. Harry laid me down on the bed. He was hovering over my body lips still pressed against mine. It was amazing. We broke to breathe and that's when we realized what just happened. "Did we just do that?" I questioned.

"We did." He replied still hovering over me.

I just kissed my best friend. What is going on? "I, I liked it." I stuttered.

Harry replied my placing his lips against mine and with that we were on again. He was rubbing my thighs with his hands slowly and softly. It turned me on so much. I licked his bottom lip for entrance and wrapped my arms around his neck getting him pressed into my body. He smirked and let out a chuckle into the kiss and I smiled. I couldn't believe I was actually enjoying this. We kept it going for five minutes more minutes I had his shirt off and he was kissing my neck when we heard. "Where did Emily and Harry go?" It was Liam.

"Let's try and find them." That was Niall.

Harry sprung off of me and pulled his shirt back on and I was trying to fix my self to make it look like we weren't on the edge of it becoming intimate. Harry waited for me and we both got out of the room. We rushed out of the room quickly running into Zayn. Everyone joined him around us and we were not ready for what was about to come.

We all walked back into the living room everyone taking seats. Harry and I next to each other, Lila and Niall, Liam Noah Louis and Zayn. "What were you doing? Why were you gone for so long?" Liam questioned break the awkward silence.

I opened my mouth to say something but closed it right away not knowing what to say. I turned towards Harry. "This is a party aren't we supposed to be enjoying our selves?" Harry said.

"By the looks of how much Emily's hair has changed when she first arrived I think you guys had to much fun." Louis added with a smirk.

My cheek flushed red as did Harry's. "We didn't do anything. Wait how bad is my hair? Like seriously." I said seriously.

"It's fine." Harry whispered in my ear and I nodded with a smile jumping a bit.

I realized Zayn his lips pressed in to a line his eye focus on Harry and I and his fist clenched tight. I just wanted to get up and hug him to calm him down but I knew it wouldn't help at all. He was frustrated with us both. I had feelings for him and I knew he still like me. I really messed up, but the thing is I enjoyed my time with Harry. Not one thought in my mind told me that it's was wrong. Was I really having feelings for Harry? What ever let's just get this party started again.

"Can we just get the party back on track please." I said while grabbing Noah from Liam and turning up the music. "Want to dance with me little man? You can work on you little dance routine. Just not a lot a flips." I smiled and he nodded.
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