Growing Stronger or Falling Apart?

Emily is a very talented girl, a triple threat. Singing, Acting, and dancing is all her but dancing is we're her heart is. She's making her way to the top and finds love on her way but does that make her happy or bring her down to loose everything she worked for.


2. Could This Be The Start?

I was shocked just standing in my place as Beyonce told me how Jonte convinced her to come by the dance center and take a look at my dancing. "Am I really that good?" Was one of the many thoughts that ran through my head. I still couldn't believe this was actually happening. Beyonce was literally standing two feet away from me. "Jonte had nothing but good to say about you. He told me to stop by since I was visiting New York so here I am. I'm really interested to see you preform the new choreography he made for Frekum' Dress." she smiled

"I would love to preform for you." i replied

"We have a performer." Beyonce announced to Jonte not far behind us.

I took my place on the dance floor a bit nervous. Zayn shot a smile at me from the front of the room and I smiled back waiting for the music to start.

The music began and I waited for the first lyrics. 'hold up bring the beat back', once again I was complete focused on being sassy, fierce and pure sexy. I dipped and slowly rolled up then went into the next moves. It wasn't difficult to dance if front of Beyonce with the fact that I danced in front of Jonte and a full class. The next move was a some what a crouch to the floor spread open and close your legs and on your way up you stick your butt out. This part had a lot of sexy to it along with two model steps back.  'seen the silhouette in the moon light' still dancing strong I began to actually favor this dance. It's was my new favorite choreography to the song Freakum' Dress simply because the moves were originally Jonte's, he  was the teacher and I got to preform it as a solo to him and Beyonce.
The last move was about to come up and I model walked back to my spot with my arms swaying back and forth. I turned around and snapped up in the air and hit the last beat. 

I heard the claps filled the room once again. Zayn walked up to hug me with hoodie still on along with the aviators. He wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me into him and I wrapped my arms around his neck. I felt a light kiss on my forehead then there was a whisper in my ear. "Truly beautiful. You are amazing love." I blushed.

Zayn let go of me and backed away. I turned around to see Beyonce waiting to speak to me. A small smile formed across my face. "Emily, that's your name right." she stated as I nodded. "You are an absolutely great dancer. You hit the beats on point as well as making sure there was no mistake. Your form was great along with your foot work. What I like most is that you placed all your emotion into the dance. You had the facial expressions and how your body moved it was like your were, what are the words I'm looking for, um part of the music."

"Coming from you that means a lot. I'm happy you enjoyed my performance." I replied

She grabbed out a piece of paper and a pen to write something on the paper then slide a business card out of her pocket and hand both to me. "On the paper is my number and the business card is my agents number. Call me anytime if you want to work out something or even need advice. I will be happy to help you when I can." she smiled

"Thank you so much. Oh and can I ask one thing?" you asked while quickly walking over to grab your duffle bag and Zayn. She nodded. "Can I have your autograph?" you pulled out one of your three magazines, this one being the one with her on the cover. "Oh and a picture."

"Of course." she grabbed out a black sharpie and sign the magazine now covering part of her dress.

"Can you please take the picture on your phone?" I turned to Zayn again.

He nodded yes and pulled out his white iPhone 4s covered with a black case. "Smile!" he announced and we did so. 

"Thank you again. It's been a pleasure meeting you." I stated

"Same to you." she replied. "Well I must be on my way. My husband is watching Blue Ivy and we want family time." she laughed as she walked out waving to the class.

I was excited not even excited completely ecstatic. I got Beyonce's phone number, autograph and took a picture with her. Could this day get any better? Just then it did. A pair of arms wrapped around my waist from behind. He placed his chin on my left shoulder and I laid my head back on his right. "Aw." I heard Jonte state while looking at his phone. "That's the cutest picture ever." 

I laughed as we walked over to see the picture. It was the picture of me and Zayn when Zayn wrapped his arms around my waist. "here's my number I will send it to you." Jonte stated handing me a little piece of paper like Beyonce did.

Two numbers in one day. I was feeling a lot more lucky. "Class is over and you can all leave. Thanks for taking my class." Jonte announced to the class

I grabbed out my wallet and place at the numbers into it then placed it back into my duffle bag.  "Ready to meet Noah?" I asked Zayn with a smile.
"Of course." he said while grabbing my hand and beginning to walk back out to the streets. 

I led the way to the trains trying to hurry trough streets still full of people. It wasn't as hard this time to get past the people but Ivy didn't seem to leave the spot where we had our battle. I turn my head looking towards Zayn to make it passed her before she could realize me. It took around five to eight minutes to make it to the trains and five minutes to make it to my stop. We were now about seven blocks away from my house being 235 Hudson. As we made it to the front doors I let go of Zayn's hand to get my keys to buzz us in. I pulled him into the apartment and walked over the the elevator lightly pressing the button to the second floor. "You seem nervous. Why?" I questioned

"We just met today and I'm already meeting your little brother. What if he doesn't like me?" he replied.

"You have nothing to worry about." I paused as the elevator doors opened. " he's barely one." I pressed the button to the second floor then we began to move.

He shot me a light smile then pulled me in for a five second kiss.   The door slowly opened just as we pulled away from the kiss. We walked out and down the halls. Zayn followed me until we reached the apartment number 201. I heard music and the tv on knowing that Lila was home with Ryan. He released small chuckle was I placed my key in the key hole to unlock the door. Noah realized me and crawled my way. "Noah my baby!" I said while crouching down to pick him up. 

I gave him multiple kisses on his cheek making him giggle. "How's my baby boy doing? Were you good for Lila?" I said in a baby voice.

"Em." he said softly. "Em, Em." 

I smiled. "Yes Noah Em is here." I said while pointing to myself.

I looked back to Zayn he was watching with my brother with a smile on his face.  "Noah," his little head shoot around now looking toward Zayn. "this is Zayn, my new friend."

"Zay, Zay!" Noah announced beginning to bounce in my arms.

Zayn smiled. "That's right I'm your sisters.... Friend, hoping to become something more than that though." his eyes looked at me but his head still towards Noah.

I was shocked. Did he really want to become boyfriend and girlfriend? Noah's arms were shot out I front of him reaching towards Zayn. Zayn placed his hands under Noah's little arms and gently lifted him up holding him on the side of his torso. He was handling Noah with out a problem. He walked over and sat on the floor with Noah and I followed them. Zayn slowly placed Noah on a green and blue tie dyed blanket and took off his shades and hoodie. Noah was in his crawling position. I sat next to Zayn I couldn't help to just sit there with the light coming through the window making his hazel eyes sparkle. I turned his head towards me with my index finger to his chin. We starred at each other for a good five seconds until we both broke and went in for the kiss. He cupped my left cheek with hand while moving a strand of hair behind my ear. My right hand was placed on the back of his neck. The kiss became more than our usual five second kisses. His tongue asked for entrance and I let him in. Our tongues fought for dominance for a little until I let him win. "Hey, I heard you come in but I was.... Woah! You can't do that in front of  baby." Lila said causing us to stop.

We pulled away quickly wiping around our lips. We went back to playing with Noah before Lila pulled me away. She brought me into her room and shut the door. "Who is he? How did you meet? Why were you to kissing? And why is he so god damn sexy?" Lila wanted the answers and she wanted them now.

I laughed at her freak out to get the answers. "His name is Zayn. We met when we ran into each other like literally bumped heads. We were kissing because, well that just happened and then we really got into it. And finally because god wanted him to be the sexiest beast in the whole world."

She laughed in return mainly because last part. We walk back out to find Zayn just finishing changing Noah's diaper.  I was shocked that he didn't wait fit me to return and have me change his diaper. He turned around with Noah in his hands still trying to fix his little green shorts. "Oh hello, i just changed his nappy. I didn't want him to be smelly." he said giving the little green shorts one more pull up.

"Nappy?" Lila questioned

"Diaper." I replied

She nodded with and okay. I walked over to Zayn and held my arms out for Noah. He reached over to me and I swooped him up out of Zayn's arms. I held him up in the air and spun around. "Who's my little super man?" he giggled in reply and I stopped so we wouldn't get dizzy. 

"I can't be no superman but for you I'll be super human." Zayn sang as a whisper in my ear.

I blushed and Lila shot up an eyebrow, not in confusion but in they way that's like 'Get it girl!'. We sat on the couch and Zayn wrapped an arm around my shoulder pulling me into him. Me still holding Noah slid closer to Zayn and placed a kiss on his  warm cheek. I lifted Noah up so he could sit on my lap properly. 

Lila had the remote and was flipping through the channels. We love cartoons like Disney Channel, Disney XD, Nick, and all the good stuff.She stopped flipping through she realized spongebob was on. Spongebob is all of our favorite cartoon including Noah's. Sponge bob is funny and I love Spongebob of course and Patrick. We watched the show for about thirty minutes then it ended. "Now what nothing good is on." Lila complained.

I laughed a little snuggling closer to Zayn and picking up Noah to my chest. Noah was half a sleep and I was tired to. I let out a huge yawn, embarrassed that Zayn just saw how weird I look when I yawn. "You tired?" he questioned

I nodded closing my eyes laying my head his shoulder having a good grip on Noah so he didn't fall. I dozed of a while later remembering the Dove commercial last.

2 hours later

I heard I noise and slowly woke up. The tv was off, Noah sleep on my chest and Zayn leaning on the arm rest of the couch a sleep. His phone was ringing and I answered it. Before saying any thing I let out a small yawn. "Zayn's phone." I stated still tired.

There was a slight pause before British accent escaped from the other end of the call. "Who is this?" the person was obviously a boy one of Zayn's I guessed.

"Emily." I replied. "May asked the same?"

"This is Liam,  I'm a friend of Zayn's."

I turned to Zayn and gently moved him. "Zayn wake up, your friend is on the phone." I said rubbing my left eye.

He woke up looking a bit confused. He ran his finger through his hair quickly. "Thanks." he started and he walked off to talk to his friend Liam.

Noah was begging to wake up and I had to get to work soon. Lila was now at her dance lessons at Broadway Dance Center. I had to get Noah and my self ready. Great I had to take him into work. "Liam but... can I just say... you don't understand... Liam listen... What ever fine, fine." Zayn hung up his phone angrily.

I walked over to Zayn putting a hand I his shoulder. "Is everything alright."

"Yes everything is fine love but I have to leave. It's, it's nothing bad." he voice was shaky

I slowly moved for a kiss and he did the same. Another one of our five second kisses. "It's okay. I have to go to work and I'm bringing Noah with me."

"Call me when you get to work." he smiled

"I need your number to do that." I giggled with arms loosely wrapped around his neck.

He smiled and wrote his number on my hand and I did the same to him but on his arm. I wrote in a purple marker and put a perfect heart around it with a smily face next to it. He laughed as we both looked at our arms. "I'll call you." I winked.

"I'll do the same." he smirked

We kissed one last time before I headed off with Noah to get changed. I put on a pair of black jeans and my navy blue CVS shirt. I grabbed a grey coat and placed it on my bed then got Noah ready. I dressed him in blue skinny jeans and a green white and grey plaid shirt. I found a green beanie and placed it on his head full of curls. I found him a nice black coat and placed it on the bed next to mine. I found one of my black beanies and placed it on top of my loose curls. I grabbed the to coats and placed Noah on the floor so he could practice his walking. We made it back into the living room to find Zayn sitting on a black chair waiting for us. "I thought you had to leave." I questioned

"I decided to wait for you and then we can leave together." he smiled and took at look at Noah who was standing up with his green/hazel brightly showing. "He look like a baby version of my friend Harry. He has the same color hair and curls and eye color and skin tone. Thats a big resemblance." he grabbed out his phone a got a quick picture of Noah.

He walked over to Zayn stumbling a bit, arms out for Zayn to pick him up. I handed Zayn Noah's coat so he can put it on. I slipped my arms through the sleeves and looked at Zayn holding Noah high against his chest. I tear steamed down my face and Zayn caught it. "Whats wrong love?"

"I never seen him being held by a man not even my father. To think he's going to grow up with out them and I will be his mother figure." I couldn't go on. I kissed Zayn softly on the lips and Noah lightly on the cheek. 

"I love you." Zayn said so low I could barely hear him. 

I blushed and was shocked as well. "I love you too." I whispered.

We moved into for a kiss but Noah stopped us with his little kissy face mocking us. "Does this mean where are.. Um dating?" Zayn questioned

"Well today may count as a first date. Yes we are." I smiled 

We began to walk out side. It was still cold outside so Zayn buttoned up Noah coat saving him from a cold. Noah was so comfortable with Zayn. He didn't have a problem with him at all. Zayn was covered up as well one arm around my waist the other one holding up Noah. I lived five blocks away from where I live. When we made it to the front I was ten minutes early. As I went to get Noah he didn't want to leave Zayn. "Come on Noah Em needs to get to work." I spoke in the third person.

He didn't budge. He wouldn't let go of Zayn. We tried and tried but nothing worked until Zayn said these three words. "I'll be back." Noah smiled and let go moving into my arms. Noah smiled and waved as Zayn walked away.

Before I could walk in Zayn screamed back, "I love you! Remember to call me!"

I laughed and screamed back, "I love you too and I will!"

"See o laer Zay!" Noah added

"See you later little man!" Zayn smiled.

After that I walked into CVS, I was on the clock.

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