Is this really happening?

Hi im Sam and im 18 years old. It all a hppenes when Sam meets one direction and falls for on of the band members but suddenly something happens leaving the boys scared and looking for Sam. Read to find out more ... :)


23. We had stopped:


We had suddenly stopped.  A man opened the trunk and carried me into a house I didnt like the look of!  I kept kicking and hitting but it didnt make a difference I was terrified.  I was dumped onto a bed and 2 men where standing there looking down at me.  I was still trying to get up but they had to keep pushing me down when suddenly one pulled a knife out and pointed it at me, I sat back down and stayed completly still. 

"Get me some string" The one with the knife comanded.

The other guy came back with some rope and they tied my hands and legs together. I didnt dare to move I was to frightened by the knife pointing in my direction. 

"I hope your not a fighter I would hate to harm that sexy body of yours now would I so to stop that from happening do what I tell you!" The guy with the knife shouted.  The other man left.

"My names Marvin babe okay" he smiled but I didnt dare smile back.

He put the knife on the side and sat next to me, he stroked my hair away from my neck and face onto the other side, he stroked my face with the back of his hand.  I shivered but didnt dare move, he still had his hand on his knife and I didnt know what he was capable of doing or what he wanted me to do I was scared terrified shaking!


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