Is this really happening?

Hi im Sam and im 18 years old. It all a hppenes when Sam meets one direction and falls for on of the band members but suddenly something happens leaving the boys scared and looking for Sam. Read to find out more ... :)


16. unpacking:

The good thing about Harry going before I unpacked was that then I could take up as much of the wardrobe as I wanted.  I put all my shoes lined up at the bottem and hung all the clothes up in groups. 

I changed into some pale blue jeans and a top and jumper, shoved my hair up in a mess bun and sliped into my toms.  I was starving now.  But the fridge was empty.

I decided while the boys where out I would take a walk and buy some stuff as the fridge was empty.

I got some milk, cerial, oreos because there my favourte buiscuit and got some other bits and bobs on the way.

When I got back I felt totaly worn out, I packed the food away and put some tv while I waited for Harry to come home god I miss him so much.

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