Is this really happening?

Hi im Sam and im 18 years old. It all a hppenes when Sam meets one direction and falls for on of the band members but suddenly something happens leaving the boys scared and looking for Sam. Read to find out more ... :)


19. The morning after the night before:

I woke up and Harry wasent there, then the door opened and he was holding a try and I suddenly sment pancakes! I sat up and smiled.

"Whats all this?" I asked smiling.

"Breakfast for my beautiful girlfriend" he smiled and put the tray down on the bed.

We ate pancakes and then layed in bed for a bit.

"Oh yer the boys have gone to the beach for the day I said we would meet them down there later, is that okay?" he looked at me anxiously then smiled.

"Yeah lets go now I wanna get a tan" I smiled at him and jumped out of bed. We got ready and left it was a 5 minute walk and we were there in no time.




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