Is this really happening?

Hi im Sam and im 18 years old. It all a hppenes when Sam meets one direction and falls for on of the band members but suddenly something happens leaving the boys scared and looking for Sam. Read to find out more ... :)


22. Shes gone!


I couldnt believe what I had just seen.  I fell to the ground I had lost her! Tears rolled down my face.  I should have stayed with her, what have I done? 

"Dont worry Harry we will find her we wont back down dont you worry" Zayne said through tears.

We called the police, there was paparazie everywhere, but no one had seen the car anywhere I felt like all hope was lost when suddenly I realised her phone was with her in her pocket.

"Police wait I know how to find her" I shouted I wiped my eyes and spoke up.

"Her phone its not here and the men where here for only 3 minutes max she has her phone with her cant you trace her number or something?" I tried to smile but I just couldnt i was to upset her, how anyone would take her from me.





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