Is this really happening?

Hi im Sam and im 18 years old. It all a hppenes when Sam meets one direction and falls for on of the band members but suddenly something happens leaving the boys scared and looking for Sam. Read to find out more ... :)


15. Our room:

Harry put his hands over my eyes and walked me to our room, when i opened them i was shocked!

We had the master bedroom! and an onsuit, I looked at Harry and smiled and walk over and hugged him.

Suddenly Niall burst in.

"Oh im sorry but where all going to the beach and wondered if you guys wanted to come aswell?"

"Well im gonna stay and unpack but you guys go have some fun il be fine I promise go" I said smiling though i really wanted to be with Harry.

"Are you sure hun?" Harry said gazing into my eyes.

"Yes go" I said smiling.

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