Alone On Christmas

Its about a girl names Kortney and she meets Harry at a new high school she joined and they end u being friends. Please read it will be good i promis okay thanks


2. Meeting Friends and Teachers

Me and Sasha walked in and looked around in amazement, hardly anyone was in the hallway.

"I guess were early?" she said. We walked to the library and opened the doors. This is where i needed to be. I could smell the fresh smell of all the new books. I turned my head towards the fire place that wasn't lit. I couldn't believe it, It was Harry! I ran over to him and hugged him.

"Harry!" I whispered, "Oh my god, Buddy!! I missed you this summer!" I kissed him on the cheek and smiled. Sasha walked back over and smiled.

"I missed you too Love." he said and smiled. I sat down next to him and got out my book. I turned my to my page when i found a note in the slot, "Kortney, I know your at school now but i need you to meet me at the court yard after school. -Mandy" I read in my head. I crumpled up the paper and put it in my pocket. The bell rang and we ran to the classes. Me and Harry had every class together. I sat next to him and smiled, Looks like High School isn't that bad.

"Okay class, now get out Page 1 in notebook 7." She said. I looked at Harry and he got out his notebook.

He pointed to the cover, "The green one." He whispered. I nodded my head and got out the notebook. So different from Middle School. It was a hour later and we got out of class. I took my books and walked to the edge of the Hallway.

"Kortney?" Some one yelled from the other end of the hall. I turned my head and saw a red headed girl with freckles and dimples, Mandy....

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