Alone On Christmas

Its about a girl names Kortney and she meets Harry at a new high school she joined and they end u being friends. Please read it will be good i promis okay thanks


3. Forever is Mandy

I started walking a little bit faster and finally got to my locker. I saw harry standing there laughing at me.

"Hahahah!" he cracked up laughing at me. I put my stuff in my locker and shut it, there i saw Mandy.

"Later," he said. i grabbed his arm and frowned.

"Uh, No Harry your staying with me." i said. i turned towards Mandy and she smiled.

"Hi Kortney! Are you going to the Winter dance, Cause you know its soon. And i was wondering seeing if you wanted to go with me. Not together but as friends. Cause we are BFF's. Just wondering. Or are you and umm who are you? Oh yea Harry. Are you two going together?" she said. I stared at here in amazement. She talks so fast.

"Um, No im not going. I think i have plans that night with family." i said then turned around. I walked towards my class and walked in. Mandy ran up next to me.

"You have this class next? Mrs.Jorn right? Same here! We can talk about the winter dance!" she smiled.

"Great!" i smiled. I sat down at the table and there sat Mandy next to me. I reached into my backpack and got out my earbuds, i turned on the music and waited for her to start talking. Bla-bla-bla is all i heard all day.

I had to listen to 7 hours of her talking, she was in every class with me. Worst. I finally got home an i walked upstairs, my sister was sitting there on my bed reading my diary.

"NO!" I screamed i ran over and took the Diary. She ran out laughing.

"Kortney likes a boy! Kortney likes a boy!" laughing.

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