Alone On Christmas

Its about a girl names Kortney and she meets Harry at a new high school she joined and they end u being friends. Please read it will be good i promis okay thanks


4. Explaining takes a while

I took the diary and opened my closet. I threw the diary in there and screamed. I heard my Mom and sister coming up the stairs. I ran to my bed and started reading my book. They opened the door and my sister was still laughing an my mom was smiling.

"What." i said. My mom sat on the chair to by my bed. My sister was jumping around my room.

"Where is it! Where is it! Where is it!!! Where did you put it? Mom she hid it!" my sister screamed. I started laughing. I knew i would have to lie.

"Who is it?" my mom asked. I looked at my sister knowing she was going to be the one to yell it out.

"I know i know! Its Harry! Its Harry!" she screamed. I smiled.

"Yes yes it is. Good for you to know Claira, Cause now you can tell the WORLD!" I said to my sister. My mom walked out of the room and went to the phone across the hall. She picked it up and dialed a number.

"Hello is this Harrys mom?" she asked. My mouth dropped and i screamed.

about two minutes later she responded, "Okay here she is!" she said. she handed me the phone and i was speechless. 'Hey Kortney, How does your mom now my moms number?' he said.

"Uh... I dont know?..." i said slowly.

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