Bella has never ever heard of the band One Direction until she accidently bumps in to them one day on the streets of California. They end up hanging out together that afternoon. Bella likes them a lot and thinks she is falling for them, to get some guidance from a friend she calls Maddie. Maddie ends up stealing all the attention, will Bella be able to get the attention of Niall back?


7. Talking

As Niall saw Bella walk of in the opposite direction, he ran over to her. "Whats wrong?" He asked gently. 

"Why didn't you tell me? I really liked you!" She said while walking back to the beach.

"You really liked me?" Niall asked with a smile on his face, "I thought you really liked Harry?"

"Yeah," she replied "but only as a friend, besides it looks like he's interested in Maddie, I don't blame him she is much prettier."

"No way," Niall replied, " I think you're beautiful." Niall watched Bella for facial expressions as he said that, she had a smile on her face but kept walking. Eventually she sat down at the far side of the beach, Niall sat next to her, she sat with her head down drawing in the sand, while Niall looked at her. 

"You really think I'm beautiful?" Bella asked.

"Very, listen, Maddie might have Harry but he falls so easily for girls, he doesn't really like her, he'll soon find out that you are much better than she is." Niall replied, he smiled and took her hand. "But while he is figuring that out, why don't you give me a chance?"

Niall looked carefully at her trying to figure out what she was thinking. 

"Niall, are you only saying that because you feel sorry for me?" She finally asked.

Niall took time to look her right in the eyes before he said "No, Bella, I really care about you, you see me as Niall, not Niall from One Direction and you're sweet and loving and beautiful." 

Bella blushed a deep red before saying "Thanks Niall, you're so sweet and amazing, you know that right?" 

Niall didn't say anything, instead he leaned in for a kiss....

"There you are guys!" Maddie screamed from across the beach, "We were worried sick!" Maddie ran to them and took Bella by the hand, come on, Harry is waiting for me and I don't want to screw it up." Bella looked at Niall apologetically and hurried alongside Maddie with Niall close behind. 

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