Bella has never ever heard of the band One Direction until she accidently bumps in to them one day on the streets of California. They end up hanging out together that afternoon. Bella likes them a lot and thinks she is falling for them, to get some guidance from a friend she calls Maddie. Maddie ends up stealing all the attention, will Bella be able to get the attention of Niall back?


2. Swimming

Bella hurried home to change and doctor her knee, her dad was asleep in the deck chair when she got there and her mother was cleaning inside. No surprise that her sisters were on the beach, two of them had already found a summer romance! She quickly found all the bandages for her knee and doctored it with a neon pink plaster. 'Funky' she thought to herself.

She found herself thinking back to the Harry boy while she was getting ready, she really quite liked the look of him and by the sound of his accent he was British. Although all the British boys she knew were not cute at all!

When three came she raced out the door and down to the beach, Harry was waiting for her with a bunch of other really cute guys too. When Harry saw her he ran over, "Hiya, are you ready for a day of mayhem?" He asked with his amazing eyes.

"I guess so." She replied flashing a smile at him. He smiled back and took her hand and led her to the other boys "Here she is." He said, a proud tone in his voice, almost like they were dating.

"You did good man." A boy said with mousy brown hair, "Alrighty boys, we should probably give her our names, unless she already knows them?" He asked, his eyebrows lifted.

"Um, no I am not psychic if that is what you are intending?" She said, worrying if she had met them before and should know their names.

"Okay, I'm Louis, you have already met Harry, this is Niall," he said pointing to a blond haired guy "this is Liam," He said pointing to a Justin Bieber look alike, " and this is Zayn. Any questions?" He asked with a cheeky smile.

"Nope, but if I get your names mixed up then don't be offended." The boys laughed and they all jogged down to the sea for a swim. They spent a whole hour splashing about like morons while Bella was getting jealous onlookers, she wondered if she had done something wrong. After a while they all went down to go get a smoothie when Harry approached her, " Hey, I just wanted to say that I'm really sorry about your knee."

"That's alright,  its not that sore anyway, besides I think the salt water really made it better, because I love rubbing salt in my wounds." Harry laughed at her joke and they caught up with the rest of them at a table at the smoothie bar.

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