Bella has never ever heard of the band One Direction until she accidently bumps in to them one day on the streets of California. They end up hanging out together that afternoon. Bella likes them a lot and thinks she is falling for them, to get some guidance from a friend she calls Maddie. Maddie ends up stealing all the attention, will Bella be able to get the attention of Niall back?


8. Harry

"There you guys are!" said Harry when he saw them coming, "Niall, where did you guys go?"

Maddie replied "Oh, I found them on the beach, now who's up for a roller coaster?"

"Yeah, hey um, Bella can I talk to you?" Harry asked

"Okay, I guess so, " Bella said "you guys go ahead, we'll catch up." Niall gave her a smile before leaving with the others. 

"Bella, listen okay, the thing is... well... umm..." Harry stuttered and struggled to find words.

"It's okay, you can tell me whatever's on your mind." Bella said sweetly smiling, she was still daydreaming about Niall and the kiss they almost shared.

"I know you think I'm interested in Maddie but I want you to know that I'm not, I like someone else." He said, searching her face.

"My sister? You can have her!" Bella smiled and turned to walk away when Harry caught her hand and pulled her back.

"No, you." They stood there, him holding her hand and looking in to each others eyes, Bella was caught off guard  what was she supposed to say now?! 

"I'm going to think about all this and then get back to you, 'kay?" She said "Come one, we should go join them." 

They walked back together, only to find Maddie and Niall kissing.

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