Bella has never ever heard of the band One Direction until she accidently bumps in to them one day on the streets of California. They end up hanging out together that afternoon. Bella likes them a lot and thinks she is falling for them, to get some guidance from a friend she calls Maddie. Maddie ends up stealing all the attention, will Bella be able to get the attention of Niall back?


1. Shopping

Bella was in a hurry to get away from her family, she didn't like the fact that she had to stay with them all week in a cottage by the sea. Her mom said it was supposed to be some kind of family bonding time, but she has never been involved in something so boring. She had three older sisters, all they did was go to the beach and flirt with boys, Bella had no intention what so ever with boys. She on the other hand wanted to go shopping and sightseeing, what's the point of California if you don't do all the touristy things?

Her mom doesn't like sightseeing and her dad was stubborn and liked his deck chair a bit too much, Bella had a feeling they would have to buy him one when they go back to Ireland. She laughed to herself as she strolled down the avenue with all the shops, they were mostly boring but she went in to every single one of them just for the heck of it. Later on she bought herself a smoothie, the day was getting warmer and warmer but she didn't want to leave. 

She was walking along to the next street when she crashed in to someone. She screamed as she flew across the pavement and toppled over on the floor, from what she could she, her knee was pretty bloody. Tears started streaming down her face when the stranger who had knocked her over approached her.

It was a teenage boy, about the same age as Bella, he had brown curly hair and the most beautiful eyes Bella had ever seen on a guy. "Are you alright?" He asked as he helped her up. 

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine." She replied wiping away her tears as she collected her things and turned to walk away.

"Hey! Wait up! Where are you going?" He asked, Bella looked at him and wondered why a guy that was so gorgeous was talking to her.

"Away, why?" She asked, she wondered why this guy was smirking at her like crazy, apart from the fact that he was cute, it was getting a little creepy.

"I'm Harry Styles" He said, he looked at her obviously expecting something, she looked back at him and just raised her eyebrows.

"I'm Bella Vista, I know weird name, not my fault, bye." Bella was just about to leave when she heard Harry call after her.

"No its not, its beautiful! Listen, me and four other guys in my band are going swimming on the beach this afternoon, you coming?" He asked, how was she supposed to say no?!

'Yeah yeah, I'll be there at three, let me just get my knee sorted out." She said smiling

"Cool, see you at three...." and he walked off with a smile in the other direction. 

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