Gotta Find you (a one direction love story)

Kate,17 is in love with niall horan from the band one direction and her sister happens to be dating harry styles but didnt tell kate and one day in truth or dare niall had to say what his dream girl was like and Celeste (kates sister) was over and she heard that and knew that was kate. kate and niall meet backstage .... what will happen??


6. Twitter

Kate's P.O.V 

Of course by this it was summer vacation all my friends were hanging out in some other state, and so what was i doing? I was on twitter.... ALOT! I spent most of my vacay talking about 1D and tweeting them. So I was in love with Niall he's Irish, im irish. I have an accent, sort of  like his but im really hoping that i get to meet him. so when i checked my twitter i saw this tweet: @NIALL1993333333(*Authors note: this is my real twitter you can follow me!*)babe i miss you txt me. That tweet was from my ex Kyle. I threw my phone and rolled my eyes.

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