Gotta Find you (a one direction love story)

Kate,17 is in love with niall horan from the band one direction and her sister happens to be dating harry styles but didnt tell kate and one day in truth or dare niall had to say what his dream girl was like and Celeste (kates sister) was over and she heard that and knew that was kate. kate and niall meet backstage .... what will happen??


20. The day after

Kates P.O.V

Something wasnt right with my body, i felt sick. What happened last night? Why is there a ring on my finger... AM I ENGAGED?????? Why am i in no clothes in my bed with Niall, I Quickly Threw on some clothes so i could go make breakfast, So i Was Downstairs and Apparently i was the only one up, Great!  I Started to make some french toast and bacon and then i hear five doors open and shut at the same time..... And Someone just fell "Good Morning Boys!" I Walked up and hugged all of them but i gave niall a long kiss "GET A ROOM" Louis Had yelled at us We all laughed I felt like i was going to puke.... What is the matter i ran to the bathroom lifted the lid up and  well.... You Know!! I heard foot steps running as i well lets just say puked out my intestines not really i jumped as a hand touched my back "Hey babe you ok?" "yeah im fine.... what happened last night????" " You dont remember?" "No I do im Just asking what happened because i forgot YES I DONT REMEMBER" "Ok stop yelling and what happened last night was i proposed yo u said yes and then we came home told the boys then you know we um...." "What did we do ???" "WE HAD SEX KATE " then and there i felt my self gasping for air as i knew i just ended my period, Am I pregnant? "Um babe i need to go to a drug store and get a pregnancy test..... i think im pregnant"

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