Gotta Find you (a one direction love story)

Kate,17 is in love with niall horan from the band one direction and her sister happens to be dating harry styles but didnt tell kate and one day in truth or dare niall had to say what his dream girl was like and Celeste (kates sister) was over and she heard that and knew that was kate. kate and niall meet backstage .... what will happen??



Kates POV

So after i got out of the shower I ran to get my phone. And EVERYONE knows its my phone because I have a ringtone that goes "Now im climbing the walls but you dont notice at all..." oh how i loved his voice. So i looked at my phone and it was celeste,"Hey Mrs.Horan!" she was very happy today. "Hey Mrs. Styles." every time we called eachother our greeetings always had to do with one direction. so after the usual greetings she went on to say that she had wone tickets to one direction and by that time i was in shock.

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