Gotta Find you (a one direction love story)

Kate,17 is in love with niall horan from the band one direction and her sister happens to be dating harry styles but didnt tell kate and one day in truth or dare niall had to say what his dream girl was like and Celeste (kates sister) was over and she heard that and knew that was kate. kate and niall meet backstage .... what will happen??


32. Photo Shoot!

Nialls P.O.V

So we are on our way to the shoot me the lads and the ladies.... Kate was nervous you could tell by the way she was just talking...  i pulled out my phone and sent a text to her saying' Babe dont be nervous if u get hate on twitter i will back u up... the y will listen to me... xx'


Kates P.O.V\

I checked my phone and i got a tex from niall he was sitting across the vanfrom me and he smiled i read it and it said: ' babe dont be nervous if you gethate ontwitter i will back u up..... they will listen to me xx' Aww i had to reply back "babe thanks"

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