Gotta Find you (a one direction love story)

Kate,17 is in love with niall horan from the band one direction and her sister happens to be dating harry styles but didnt tell kate and one day in truth or dare niall had to say what his dream girl was like and Celeste (kates sister) was over and she heard that and knew that was kate. kate and niall meet backstage .... what will happen??


25. Hi

Kates p.o.v

 I was on my way to go see niall for the first time in 3 months he has been under much surgery since the accident but i love how he wanted me when he woke up. i arrived at the hospital i walked to nialls room which was right down the hallway, there was a doctor in his room i stood and waited till he came out he looked at me" hello miss. sharp " "hi doctor kranbousky how is he?" "he is doing fine he can actually head home with you today " he gave me a hug and walked away. i knocked i heard that sweet voice say come in i opened the door and ran to him we shared a long passionate kiss .... on a hospital bed "hey i missed you how haave you been?" he asked me i was wearing a baggy shirt so he couldnt see the bump.." i missed you too and i have been great but look..." i turned to the side and pulled up my shirt so he could see my bump. " so you are pregnant?" "yeah i am and it has been great celeste and harry went to america, zayn and valarie moved in together in bradford , liam louis, el, dani have been with me." "well thats great can we go home so i can see everyone...."

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