My Last Chance

Bryce Willis has one last chance to prove to his school that he's not the worst basketball player on his team. It's his last game before he graduate high school, and there's no going back after he's gone. Will he succeed? Or will he let down his team?


1. My Last Chance

0:10 left, the game's tied. I've got this, I've been waiting all year for this. "Over here! Over here! I'm open!" I scream at the top of my lungs. My team mate, Nate, looks over at me hesitantly before passing me the ball. Okay, now, get through these guys, and shoot. If I make this goal, I'll be a legend. 6, 5, 4. Time's running out. Come on, come on. I push through the three guys ahead of me, and shoot. One time around the rim, two times, three. The game then turns for the better as the ball sinks into the net. "WOOOOOOO!" I hear myself scream. This has been the first time we've won in 10 years. "Lagace the Legacy!" I heard my team mates scream. I will never forget this moment.

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