I've spent forever

17 year old Makayla Redner has always loved One Direction. After weeks of waiting, the day of the concert finally comes. When somthing unexpected happens, her life could be completely changed. She is always nervous, and it seems like no matter what she does, Niall just keeps ignoring her. But is there someone else Makayla should start paying more attention to? Could she end up in love? Or heartbreak?


8. That feeling

"Well? What is it?" Niall said sounding annoyed.
His eyes were amazing, I could look at them all day.
"Uh, I just was wondering-"
"WERE HOME!" Louis called out.
Niall walked past me and towards the boys. I sighed, and started to follow him.
"We're going out tomorrow night for Lou's birthday" Jocelyn called out.
"Everyone's 18?"
I went to sit on the couch and Harry followed me.
"Do you want to go to the mall?" Harry asked.
"Sure. I said getting up." I was still upset because of Niall.
And I guess Harry could tell too because right when we got into his car he said
"I can tell you're upset because of Niall"
"I sighed and looked down.
"Yeah, I guess. I just want to be friends with him like I am with you boys." So that was kind of a lie.
"Give him time. I promise you he'll come through."
When we got to the mall, Harry through me sunglasses. "Here, put these on."
I put them on and we walked in. It wasn't very long before people started noticing him. They came and asked for autographs, took pictures,
and ask who I was.
"Just a friend." I said.
Two girls came up to Harry and asked for a picture. After the picture was taken, they came up to me.
"Why are you with Harry? You're kind of ugly.." They said while laughing. They reminded me of the girls back at school.
"She is definatly not ugly." Harry said coming to stand beside me.
"I Think she's beautiful."
"What did he just say?" I thought to myself.
After a couple of hours at the mall, we decided to go.
"I hope you arent mad at me for saying that." Harry said when we were in the car.
"No, of course not, I'm actually kind of glad. I dont really get called that lots."
Harry smiled.
"I'm going to take you out tonight." Harry said going to switch the music that was playing.
And I got that same feeling I did when I looked into Niall's eyes.


hehe so heres another chapter xx

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