I've spent forever

17 year old Makayla Redner has always loved One Direction. After weeks of waiting, the day of the concert finally comes. When somthing unexpected happens, her life could be completely changed. She is always nervous, and it seems like no matter what she does, Niall just keeps ignoring her. But is there someone else Makayla should start paying more attention to? Could she end up in love? Or heartbreak?


4. I blew it.

I put the ticket around my neck and started to wonder where to go. "Where do we go?" I said outloud. "I think this way.." said Jocelyn. "Girls, you have backstage passes? This way" said a man with one also around his neck. We started to follow him. He took us through a door, and then there they were. We got into the back of the line and waited. "We are the luckiest people on earth right now". Jocelyn whispered. "I know!" The line started to move, and we were 3 people away from getting into the door. My hands started shaking again "Stop" I thought to myself. Finally, we were the next to get into the door. "Passes". "Uh, yes, here they are." I said quickly. He took them and we were free to go in. "Oh. My. God," They they are!" I whispered. But I was screaming in my head.

They were so gorgeus. Harry smiled and I almost fainted. Then he looked at me. I quickly looked away. Then, I looked at Niall. He was talking to Zayn. He was perfect. "Hello? Kayla? Can we go and talk to them?" "NO" I yelled. Everyone looked at me, including the boys. "Um." I said quietly. "Makayla!" She hissed and we walked away. "Sorry!" I was just caught up with looking at them." "Well do you want to talk to them or not? Come on, this will be our only chance." "What if I can't say anything? "Just be cool." "Come on Makayla, you've dreamed about doing this forever, and you're going to chicken out?" I thought to myself. "Let's do this" I said with a smile on my face

I followed Jocelyn towards the boys. "Hello Love" Liam said smiling. "Oh my God... I can't do this" I thought to myself. But I guess Jocelyn could, because she was chatting with them like they were just anybody.. "And what's your name?" Louis said looking at me". "umm. Makayla" I said softly. Louis smiled. I began to be more confident. "Niall you were really good." I said outloud. And there it went. "Why did you have to ruin it?" I said to myself. "Thanks" Niall said, smiling. "And Harry you were awesome too". "Why do i keep doing that"? I thought to myself. "Thanks love". I managed to keep my mouth shut. But I did feel kind of bad, since I didnt compliment the other boys. "Say.. you would girls like to hang out with us somtime?" Harry said grabbing a water bottle. "Yeah!" Jocelyn said. "And you?" Zayn said. I was too nervous to really say much for most of the conversation, so I'm guessing they only really wanted to hang out with Jocelyn. "Sure..." I said looking down. "Great!" Liam said sounding kind of worried.

We only had a little bit of time before we had to leave, so the boys got Jocelyn's number she got theirs. "Let's go." I said. "Are you okay?" Jocelyn asked. "Yes." But I wasn't I was upset because they probably think I'm some freak who doesn't even know how to talk while Jocelyn was cool, and pretty, and actually knew how to talk. I had blown it. "So when are you guys going to hangout." I said. "You guys? Your coming too." she replied. "I don't think they want me to come". I said trying not to cry. I hated myself right now. "Look, they know you were nervous. Mostly everyone is. But one thing for sure is your coming."

And with that I simply smiled.


I havent ever been backstage so sorry if it isnt actually what happens :P

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