I've spent forever

17 year old Makayla Redner has always loved One Direction. After weeks of waiting, the day of the concert finally comes. When somthing unexpected happens, her life could be completely changed. She is always nervous, and it seems like no matter what she does, Niall just keeps ignoring her. But is there someone else Makayla should start paying more attention to? Could she end up in love? Or heartbreak?


13. Guilty


"Harry?" I asked.
"Right. Well, well I need to talk to you about somthing." he said with a smile.
I got a really bad feeling in my stomach. 
"okay." I replied.
"I was wondering if... Well..." I could tell he was nervous. 
"you wanted to go out with me sometime?" 

I wished I could have just ran out of there, and never speak to him again. Never faced him. But that wasn't going to happen. I would say no, that I already got asked out, and apologize.

"sure." i said. " what the hell did I just do? 
" Great. " Harry said hugging me. 
All the boys came in right after they said that. I'm guessing they were listening. Great, they all heard me lie. 
"You guys should stay the night." Louis asked us. 
"Sure." Jocelyn said. I looked over at her, and she gave me a dirty look. I looked away quickly. 
"Movie, anyone?" Niall asked us.
"Alright!" Jocelyn said getting up and helping him pick a movie. 
"Tomorrow at 6?" Harry leaned over and whispered in my ear. I felt his breath on my ear, and it felt like Cody when he asked me out. But different. "Okay". I replied quietly. 
Niall turned the movie on, and we all sat down. Harry beside me. I wanted Jocelyn to sit beside me, but she was too mad at me. And I don't blame her.

It was a scary movie, so I hid my eyes in Harry's shirt. Even though I loved scary movies, I just wanted Harry. He wrapped his arms around me, and I became really tired.

I woke up in Harry's room. I looked In his mirror, and I looked terrible. I didn't wash off my makeup, and my hair was a mess. I walked downstairs, trying to hide my face. "hello love" Harry said to me. "why you hiding your face? You're beautiful! I smiled at him. But i didn't remove my hands. " want to go to the beach with us today?" Harry asked.
"I would love too, but i can't. Its my moms birthday." 
After that, I took my stuff and left. It wasn't my moms birthday, and I was completely free today. But I knew what I was going to do.
After stopping at my house to change, I started to feel bad about lying. I didn't want to hurt anyone. That was just the kind of person I was. But, I decided to do it anyways. I walked right up to Cody's house, and knocked. 

"Come on in." he said.
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