I've spent forever

17 year old Makayla Redner has always loved One Direction. After weeks of waiting, the day of the concert finally comes. When somthing unexpected happens, her life could be completely changed. She is always nervous, and it seems like no matter what she does, Niall just keeps ignoring her. But is there someone else Makayla should start paying more attention to? Could she end up in love? Or heartbreak?


11. Blonde Hair

I stared at my phone. Who could have sent me this? Niall? No, I doubt it. But I wish. It was still morning, and I had to be there at midnight, so I still had a lot of time to think about it.  I decided to show only Jocelyn it, because I dont think whoever sent it wants the boys to know. Then, I started having questions.
"what do I wear?"
"how do I do my hair?" 
These are all things I needed Jocelyn's help on. I couldn't stop thinking about it. That One Direction,  was asking me to meet one of them at a park. I smiled to myself. "How did I get so lucky?" 
I left a note saying I was leaving, and I went back to my house. I was still really tired from last night, I could crash any second. 

After I slept for a while, I started to pick my outfit. Jeans, toms, and a long sleeved shirt. I thought I looked pretty, and I hoped they did too. It was Coming to 6, and I still haven't ate, so I picked up Mcdonalds. 

*Later that evening*

Jocelyn had came over and did my hair and makeup. It was straight, and my makeup looked so pretty, but also natural. Nothing I could ever do.
I grabbed my phone and started walking to the park getting more nervous every step I took. I could see the swings from a distance, and someone standing there.

Someone with blonde hair.

So I just wanted to upload this because im tired so I didn't get much time. Bit of a cliff hanger :)i now realize this is really short so after school I'll upload a longer one :)
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