I've spent forever

17 year old Makayla Redner has always loved One Direction. After weeks of waiting, the day of the concert finally comes. When somthing unexpected happens, her life could be completely changed. She is always nervous, and it seems like no matter what she does, Niall just keeps ignoring her. But is there someone else Makayla should start paying more attention to? Could she end up in love? Or heartbreak?


14. Alone

sorry, really short, but i want upload this anywaysI knew excatly what I was going to say. That I didn't want to be with him anymore, with Harry.

"So, what brought you here?" Cody said.

"Umm, well."

He stood there waiting, with a expression on his face that I couldn't read. It was cute, and I liked it. Before I knew what I was doing, I wrapped my arms around his neck, and we were kissing. I felt really bad, like I should have not been doing this, but I shrugged it off. I thought of Harry, and how nice he was to me, and how he wasn't like anybody else. He didn't ignore me.

He pulled away and looked at me. "What's wrong?"

"What?" I asked.

"I can tell something is bugging you."

"No, really, I'm fine.|

After that, I told him I needed to get home. I didn't really want to be around anybody. I felt sick, but I knew I wasn't. I felt bad. That night, I went to bed really early. It took a long time, because I kept thinking about Harry, and Cody, and Niall, and everything that happened today.

The next morning, I still felt the same. Guilty. They both liked me, and thought I was the most truthful, beautiful, nicest, and truthworthy person in the world. But I wasn't. I was the complete opposite. None of them knew that though. I made myself breakfast, and sat down to watch TV. I didn't feel like doing anything, or seeing anybody today. I wanted to be alone. I got a text from Jocelyn that said "Hey u okay?" I threw my phone down, and ignored her message. I decided to sleep for a while because I was tired, and I had nothing better to do.

I dreamt about Harry, and how I was if I had never met One Direction. I was just getting to the end of it, when I heard to my door open.

It was Harry standing there. With flowers. "What are you doing here?" I said embarrased, because I probably looked horrible.

He looked hurt. "I thought we were going on a date."

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry." I said. I totally forgot, and I felt really bad."I'm going to get dressed" I said while grabbing one of my dresses.

"No, we can go like this". Harry said pulling me out of the room. I gave in, and went with him. "Why couldn't I change?"

"You wouldn't want to wreck your dress".

And we pulled up a build1ing. Paintball.

Again, short, i needed next chapter to start with the date xx

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