i need that one thing

Haylee, a normal 17 year old, runs in to a boy band withher two bff's Abigail- Abby, and alexa- alex or lexi.. Haylee has an uncle that is the owner of the hotel that One Direction stay in.. and the three girls want to meet them.. but the only choice they have is to pose as maids for a month. then three boys fall for Haylee.. and the two others fall for Abby and Lexi.. will this month end up happily ever after.. or thre broken hearts?!? read to find out -------
~ Haylee K.:] ~


2. tour with 1D

Haylee's POV - i was getting ready to go to the meeting to meet with our other band were touring with. i got dressed into a red flowy cardigan and a black silky tank top underneath. some dark blue skinnys and some red converse.i walk downstairs with my mascara and red lipgloss done, and putting my red bow on the left side of my head. i walk down the steps with a jacket in hand and my keys. i set my things down on the coffe table and walk into the kitchen. the girls were there all having oatmeals. "come eat LeeLee.. we need to be at the place in an hour" Millie said handing me my bowl. i ate and  we needed to leave in another half hour. i locked the door and turned the light off. i hopped in the car and drove us all to the place. we walked in and a lovely lady named ' rebecca ' escorted us to the room. we were walking down the hall and then Ally whispered to me, "what if it was one direction" i laughed and whispered back "dont even talk about that.. ill be pissed.." she laughed and we walked in the door.. i walked in last. then i bumped into thhe back of lexi and the girls. i peeked between thier heads and i saw...

Harry's POV

we sat down at a large table and then Simon said. "boys, were going to wait about 10 minutes. the girls are on thier way up." i tapped my fingers on the table for about two minutes. then about 5mins later 4 girls came walking in the door. they weree goregeous. then i see a head poke through two of thier shoulders. i see a gorgeous girl with a bow in her hair. her hair was long and brunette. straight. and down to her hips. the scooted them while thier jaws were dropped down to the floor.

Haylee's POV

One Direction. just what i needed. i fixed my nerd glasses [yes i never mentioned them before. they were the thick black ones] and i looked at the floorr. i wasnt sure if i could stare or not. i just stood there staring at the ground for it felt like forever. "boys, id like u to meet 'The Mixing' " Simon said. i decided to introduce our names since they were all .. speechless. "urm.. this is Ally, Millie, Zarin, and Alexa." i said. then Niall said, "and you are?" "urm.. Haylee." i pushed my glasses up a bit to my face and looked at the boys. they were all smiling. Hary was like.. lost in lala land or something...  how can i live with them ,]

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