i need that one thing

Haylee, a normal 17 year old, runs in to a boy band withher two bff's Abigail- Abby, and alexa- alex or lexi.. Haylee has an uncle that is the owner of the hotel that One Direction stay in.. and the three girls want to meet them.. but the only choice they have is to pose as maids for a month. then three boys fall for Haylee.. and the two others fall for Abby and Lexi.. will this month end up happily ever after.. or thre broken hearts?!? read to find out -------
~ Haylee K.:] ~


3. the bus

Haylee's POV

we were escorted to the bus we were sharing and we walked in. the girls were calmed and all. we walked in and the place was big. it looked like a normal sized bus from the outside, but inside it loooks like a mansion.it had like 3 rooms in the back and then a hallway with two bathrooms in it. then the room that we were in with a long couch and a long window above it. it had a flatscreen tv on the opposite wall. it had a couple of came controllers hoocked up to it.

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