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Haylee, a normal 17 year old, runs in to a boy band withher two bff's Abigail- Abby, and alexa- alex or lexi.. Haylee has an uncle that is the owner of the hotel that One Direction stay in.. and the three girls want to meet them.. but the only choice they have is to pose as maids for a month. then three boys fall for Haylee.. and the two others fall for Abby and Lexi.. will this month end up happily ever after.. or thre broken hearts?!? read to find out -------
~ Haylee K.:] ~


1. News

Haylee's POV - I was walking along the sidewalk..on my phone. I was looking at instagram posts. I looked at Louis' latest pic. Niall eating.. Hehe! I slid my phone in my back pocket and opened the door, sarcastically exited. "IM HOMEEE" I yelled "hey Hun! " my mom and dad softly said, and my friends, Ally and Lesi, jumped on me.. Haha, what's all the excitement about.. "guess what haylee!!" they scream.. "what?!?!" I said, eagerly pacing up and down the spot I was in..MIT looked like I had to use the loo really badly.. "u know 'Mixing D..' " Mixing D is our band we have with 5 members.. Me, Ally, Lexi, and my other friends, Millie and Zarin. "Mhmm...'' them taking another breath to continue on.. "we are all going to go on tour!! We're an opening act for some ban!!" I gasped.. I hugged them really tightly as Zarin and Millie came running through the door and jumped ontop of me.. I screamed when we were all in a pile on the floor.. I got up, brushed myself off, and went into the kitchen.. Lunch was made and I helped mom with setting the table.. "Girls!! Lunchh!! " my mo. Screamed.. All four of them came stumbling in on the seats around the table. Then Zarin started the convo. "so, Lexi, Ally.. How did u get this news?" "well, this guy called from the place that they do meetings and recording sessions, and told that we were offered an opening act on a tour for this band, I did t bother getting the name, and we were doing this for a few months.." hmm.. I wanted to know if this was a boy band.. Becasue I would be a bit pissed off if it was.. I would have to share a bus with boys for 4 months!! So I hoped.. I'm sure Zarin and Ally wouldn't mind becasue they had boyfriends already.. I walked upstairs into my room and went on IG and saw that my name was mentioned in a post.. "follow @xhayleex becasue she deserves it ;) "What was that?!? Louis Posted it?!?!
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