you and me, forever babe! ~Harry Styles~

Hannah lives in a small town not very many people , she went to a normal school, and she thrived to get the best of grades although to most she was invisible, she had her small group of friends , Danielle,Hayely, Eleanor, Josh, and Danny, until the most popular guy in school stops her to sing her heart away, she didn't accept his love in the words of the song, but after a many tries , has he stole her heart? will she let him be her love ?


6. perfect view for a perfect moment!

*Harry's P.O.V*

i smiled then asked still holding her hand.. "would you be ever so kind and come on with me?" she blushed slightly and smiled with her reply "of course i would" i gave her hand a slight squeeze.. she looked up into my eyes.. her eyes may be brown.. but the prettiest brown eyes i have ever seen in my entire life. she is just amazing, i honestly am speechless looking at her.. watch me mess up trying to talk to her. the Ferris wheel worker opened up the door and she slipped in. i then followed.. the ride started to move.. her hair blew slightly in the wind. "Hannah. " i stopped thinking of words to say to her.. she then put her full attention on me.. her eyes starring right  into my soul. "yes Harry?" she asked in her soft angelic voice. "i ... uh..." cleared my throat a little bit. "i uh just wanted to tell you something important to me." i know i gave a worried sense off and she defiantly picked up on it, i could tell by look in her eyes. "and what that might be?" she asked so curiously, i scooted a little bit closer to her.. i fiddled my fingers together..  "its just that .. well i understand if you don't feel this way but uhhhh.. Hannah i have uhh well sorta... no i have liked you sense well uhh very long time... and.. " i sorta stopped to look her in the eyes.. but i couldn't read them.. was she mad? was she happy? did she not feel the same way or did she? i have no clue. "Harry.. i do uhh.. well i have liked you for a very long time.. but i just thought we were to different to have anything between us.." i kept my head down but i felt her eyes on me.. she took her hand under my chin and made me look at her. "i felt the same way but thought you were to good for me that you'd never like some one like me.." i said. man it is easy to get lost in her eyes. we now were approaching the top. "Harry i thought were to good for me and that because you were popular and i am not that you'd think i am just a loser nerd taking up your time if i were to talk to you" she looked sad but yet so anxious to hear what i have to say, "love, you could never be to good for me. your perfect."  the sunset was perfect behind us we both glanced at the scenery then put the attention back to each other.. i leaned in and kissed her passionately , full of emotion, all my love poured into her. i felt her emotion and love pour into me, we pulled away but yet still looking into each other eyes, i rested my head onto her forehead. we just sat there smiling , i entwined our fingers. i leaned in for just a peck, it felt like whats the word uhh love, so right, her warmth of her lips on my lips like heaven on earth.. i pulled away to say " Be mine finally?" i gave her a smile she chuckled, then answered "you don't know how much this feel like dream, but yes of course finally after all this time, i would love to be yours" she smiled back i pulled her close to me. i wrapped my arms around her while her arm is around my waist.  once the ride ended all the guys and Hannah's friends were waiting at the bottom.. but wait.. why are the guys not standing next to "their girls" oh well.. talk to them about that later.. "why are they all standing there like we own them." she giggled.. her laugh is so adorable. 





sorry for the short chapter.. love you all thanks for the likes and thanks for the favorites.. please comment(: 


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