you and me, forever babe! ~Harry Styles~

Hannah lives in a small town not very many people , she went to a normal school, and she thrived to get the best of grades although to most she was invisible, she had her small group of friends , Danielle,Hayely, Eleanor, Josh, and Danny, until the most popular guy in school stops her to sing her heart away, she didn't accept his love in the words of the song, but after a many tries , has he stole her heart? will she let him be her love ?


3. i wont give up

*Hannah's P.O.V*

the ride just was amazingly fun , long though.. but still fun.. lots of sharp turns and ups and downs. many times i got scared cause of how high we went up but i didnt back down and scream in fear and i am still alive! woohoo.. "come on lets go ride those ones over there!" Danielle says pointing to the way we came.. really? she wants to go past them again? she probably wants to see Liam..alright for her.. we started walking i followed behind closely. we could here music still going the lyrics got more and more pronounced as we walked closer.. 

"I won't give up on us, Even if the skies get rough, I'm giving you all my love, I'm still looking up"

wow. its still them.. really? why in hell does it have to be them? but whatever.. i mean i like Harry, but i just think we are to different to be anything... so i think...

"And when you're needing your space, To do some navigating,I'll be here patiently waiting, To see what you find" 

oh great..well listen to there voices so harmonized with each others.. i must admit they sing great.. but why did Harry sing to ME? i don't understand.. was he telling me something.. does he actually like me? pssshhh.. probably not.. what am i thinking look at me.. i sit with three people at lunch i get my work done on time straight A's and bullied .. i am a bit of a nerd.. but Him.. sooo popular.. so Hot.. so so.. i don't even know how to put it in words! he just all around kind of guy.. or as some people put it has the whole package.. apparently i had stopped walking while being lost in the train of my thoughts, "Hannah come on.. Hello.. Heyyy Hannah!" i heard the others say to me.. i shook my head snapping me out of my thoughts.. "huh what sorry.. lost in thoughts" i smiled timidly. "you were thinking about harry weren't you? i think you were.. " Josh says pushing my arm smiling like a mad man. i looked away . "maybe" i shyly said smiling slightly. "what were you thinking about him?" Eleanor asked.. "never mind.. " i said not wanting to tell her in front of Josh and Danny. "well come over here with me.. " Eleanor said ushering me Danielle and Hayely away from the boys. "what your just going to leave us.." Danny says.. "yes for a couple seconds.. and i don't mean literally seconds josh" Danielle says.. giggling.. "how did you know i was going to count the seconds.." Josh asked as we walked away not answering.. "okay Spill" Hayels says to me.. "what?" i asked not understanding what she meant.. "tell us everything.. " Hayels said looking very interested along  with Danielle and Eleanor  "well what i was thinking was that i do like Harry and have for a Verrryyy long time but i don't think he could truly like me, i mean look at me i am a complete nerd and he is mr. POP-ular.. but then i thought well why did he sing to me? he might.. but then changed my mind once more.. and i think now that it was nothing and that he doesn't like me" i exclaimed what i had been thinking.. their face expression went from interested to an aww look. "why you guys looking at me like that? " i asked concerned for what they might say. "omg Hannah... listen to us.. HE LIKES YOU. why would he sing to you if he didn't? give him a chance.. plus you said it your self that you like him!!" Hayely said looking stern! 

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