you and me, forever babe! ~Harry Styles~

Hannah lives in a small town not very many people , she went to a normal school, and she thrived to get the best of grades although to most she was invisible, she had her small group of friends , Danielle,Hayely, Eleanor, Josh, and Danny, until the most popular guy in school stops her to sing her heart away, she didn't accept his love in the words of the song, but after a many tries , has he stole her heart? will she let him be her love ?


1. #1

"hey Hannah you ready yet?" i heard Hayely yell from my room .  "yeah one more minute" i yelled back, i was just adding finishing touches to my hair, i had long brown wavy hair, i was done fixing it to make my natural curls looked more pronounced, i walked back to my room to see Hayels laying on my bed texting away.. "you ready?" i asked "Finally your done" she giggles, getting up to get her purse, i grabbed my phone, we made our way down stairs to the kitchen , i love it when i am home alone, good thing it will be this way for another 3 months. woohoo, can't stand my sister and my mum always telling me what to do. "Hayels whats the plan?" i asked sitting down at the old oak table, "i think we said to meet at Carnival, in 20 mins.. so we better leave now" she was walking out the door , i followed closely behind. i got to the car door and unlocked it , i loved my new royal Blue Charger, best Birthday present ever in the history of present giving i swear. we arrived at the Carnival, and i got out of the car locking it behind me and Hayely, Hayels and i looked around for i friends.. where are they ? i looked at my watch and saw that we were 5 minutes early. but right when i looked up i saw a black SUV pull up and the most Popular group of guys got out. i looked at them all .. why were they so popular, yes they are cute, but what is so special? they are 5 normal ass guys attending high school like anyone else. i could help but notice that the one with the curly hair was looking at me.. our eyes locked, then i quickly turned to face Hayely!  "that was AWKWARD.. you know like when you  eyes lock with the stranger for too long, yeah.. that just happened" i looked at Hayels. "with who?" she giggled at my face expression. "Harry, over their with his little posse" "ohh you mean mr. pop-ular" she over pronounced Pop. i giggled, and so did she.. "oh look there they are, Finally!" i pointed to the purple car pulling into the car park. "hey, you guys finally decided to show up" i said sarcastically. Danielle , Josh, Danny, Eleanor, got out of the car and gave Hayely and i hugs, "shall we?" Josh asked holding out his arm for me to hold onto. "we shall" i giggled playing along. i put put my sunnies as we all walked through the entrance, but i couldn't help but notice Harry staring at me.. why the hell? oh well , i'm here to have the time of my lifes with my Besties! 

 ~Harrys P.O.V~ 

Today , ahh the Carnival with the boys, going to be good, our first time preforming together in front of an audience.. woo, i am excited.. "hey Niall" "wud up man" Niall says giving me one of those awkward man hugs. "we all ready?" Paul Louis driver , that his dad insisted  that he have. we all made our way to the Black SUV. "hey Lou, do you think Hannah, will be there?" i asked sheepishly, "i don't know, if you talked to her like i told you to do for the last couple months you could have asked her to a date here.. then you would have known if she is coming or not" Louis was pointing in my face, all the guys laughed now. "its alright Harry if she is here today, talk to her. we are right here if you need back up of some kind" Zayn says whilst patting my back.. "but guys.. i never have any problem talking to any girl, or getting any girl to like me.. but when i look at Hannah, i don't know what to say, my words get twisted and tied.. and i get the this feeling in my stomach.. what do i say what do i do, if i even get the courage up to even to go close to her." i poured out my feelings right then and there to all the guys.. they all looked at me with smirks and aw looks.. "shut up, with those looks guys.. Liam i know you have a thing for Danielle, and Lou, you too towards Eleanor.. and Zayn you can't say no differ.. i see the way you look at Hayely.. but guys.. HELP.. i am Begging of you too." i looked so desperate for help.. i put my head down, still feeling all the guys looking at me.. "Harry, this is what you gotta do.." Niall leaned in to whisper something in my ear.. once he was doing.. he pulled out .. "what ?" the rest asked looking confused.. while Niall had a Smile, and i felt unsure .. that feeling came instantly.. at the feeling of looking and standing close to Hannah.. "okay Niall i am up for that" i nodded to him.. "that's my boy.." he high five'd me. "what for pet sake.. some one tell me!" Louis pulled on his hair for dramatic affect.. but before either Niall or I could tell the others we had arrived in the car park of the Carnival.. one by one we each got out.. Zayn. Liam. Lou, me and lastly Niall. i looked around standing in line to get inside i noticed Hannah, thee Hannah . the one that i am secretly in love with, well beside the boys knowing.. She is soo Precious, so Beautiful, Adorably cute.. everything.. that is what she is .. but once i got out of this trance, i noticed her staring right back at me.. Shiiit.. look away.. but i can't.. damn she just looked away.. ohh her wavy locks.. so gorgeous.. "harry.. Harry, .hello earth to Harry .. HARRY" i didn't realize all the guys were talking at me.. until Louis waved his hand in front of my face and yelled my name.. "what?" i muttered.. "we see you looking at Hannah.." he trailed off looking in the distance to Hannah and Eleanor.. and their friends as the walked in.. "yeah and i see you looking at Eleanor, and You Leeyum looking and Danielle and also you Zayn.. why haven't you talked to them either?" i smirked. "because remember our promise?" Liam looked at me like i was an idiot for not remembering.. "oohh he don't remember.. what am i suppose to do with you.. God" Lou struts around like a drama queen. "harry, the one where we Promised each other.. once you talk to Hannah.. we will talk to the Girls .. " Zayn looked annoyed.. Niall just was listening in our conversation laughing here and there.. "oh that one .. right.." i brushed my hand through my hair looking at the ground.. if Niallers planned worked.. then they get to talk to their girls.. ohh Niall.. this better work man.. i am freaking out.. 

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