Ok people so leave your first or preferred name in the comments and who your favourite 1D member is. Each chapter will be a different imagine for different people. For those of you who don't know, an imagine is like a short fanfiction.


1. Directioner101

For Meera:

 You looked outside the window and saw Niall try to control five year old Rosie on her bike while pulling 3 year old Lucas in the wagon. You laughed as you wished you could help, but you were too busy cooking lasagna. Niall loved your lasagna and so did the kids. Since it was your birthday you decided to treat them with it. 


 It was the kitchen timer indicating the lasagna was all done.

   "LASAGNA EVERYONE!" you called out the window to the kids and Niall.  They all came running in and sat down at the table.Niall helped Lucas into his seat. You sat down next to Niall after serving everyone. You all ate and talked about Rosie's day at school.

   You and  Rosie finished last so you two put the dishes away. You decided to tuck Rosie in tonight and read her a bedtime story, while Niall sang  Lucas to sleep. You and Niall went back downstairs to talk about all the adult stuff while watching a romantic movie. You talked about the new iPhone7, the stocks and Niall's day with the kids. 

   Then something you never expected to happened. Niall pulled out a small box. It was wrapped in  baby pink wrapping paper. It was tied shut with a shiny purple ribbon and decorated with sparkly blue stars and hearts coloured like the Irish flag. 

   "Purple from Rosie, blue from Lucas and the Ireland flag from me." Niall whispered. You slowly opened it careful not to rip the wrapping paper(you wanted to keep it(and the ribbon)), inside was a golden locket.

   "Open it" Niall whispered

   "Okay" you said. You opened the locket and saw a family portrait. "Oh my gosh thank you!" you said in a loud whisper.

   "That is to make sure we always stay in you heart"

   "Always and forever" you promised as you put it on. Then he leaned in for a kiss. You kissed him back. Sparks flew. He pulled away. Then, he gave you a mischievous wink. You both walked upstairs into your bedroom. then brighter sparks flew. (If ya know what I mean ;P )



*****************************2 Years Later****************************************

You got a baby girl named Violet. Niall got you another locket this time including Violet.



          THE END




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