Ok people so leave your first or preferred name in the comments and who your favourite 1D member is. Each chapter will be a different imagine for different people. For those of you who don't know, an imagine is like a short fanfiction.


3. camcraze9127

For Cami:

  "LOUIS TOMLINSON! GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!" you shouted to your boyfriend, Louis.

  "But I want that unicorn!" he whined in response. He made that silly puppy dog face that always makes you give in. But not this time.

  "No" you replied sternly. He gave you the face again.

   "Ok fine buy your unicorn" you gave in.

   "I dont want it anymore" he said stuffing YOUR 20 bucks in his pocket.

   "Your a strange person, BooBear." you said giving him a kiss.

    "Don't call me BooBear in public." he whispered to you. You both laughed.

    "What I want is for you to be Cami Tomlinson in the near future" he said with a smirk.

    "If I can have 20 dollars back then yes" you joked.

    He gave you 20 dollars. Taped to it was a diamond ring you took the ring off the and put it on.

    "That was the VERY near future by the way" you said with a smirk. And headed off to your new life as Mrs.Tomlinson. 


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