Ok people so leave your first or preferred name in the comments and who your favourite 1D member is. Each chapter will be a different imagine for different people. For those of you who don't know, an imagine is like a short fanfiction.


2. britbrit

For Brittany: (This will be a short, but sweet imagine.) (Don't get mad or offended)

      You were watching a movie with the boys cuddling up with Harry, but you got so tired you just couldn't keep your eyes open. You closed your eyes and listened to the movie so that you still knew what was going on. Then you heard whisperes.

     "You have been dating for 2 years" It sounded like Louis. "Propose"

     "I will. Tomorrow. I promise" Harry replied.

     "Yes." You say opening your eyes.

     "'re awake?" Harry asked

     "Yep" you said as he slipped the ring onto your finger.




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