that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


9. Chapter9..

Thanks for everyone who is reading and stuff:)


I knew I  wasn't being fair to this Taylor girl, but I didn't care.
There was something about her that I didn't really like, I felt that she was tricking Harry and just using him for his money.
I confided in Eleanor but she rolled her eyes and said that I thought that about Chloe.

Truth is I did think that about Chloe too but when I had these vibes I almost always knew I was right.

I started to dislike her even more when she came back with bags full of clothes that Harry had bought might I add.

Once Taylor had gone to her room, I followed Harry into the kitchen to talk about how I felt.

"Harry.." I began
"go away Louis, If you're going to say nasty things about Taylor don't say anything at all" he replied as he searched through some cupboards.
"but Harry, can't you see she's using you?" I asked
"you don't know her.." Harry sighed as he slammed a cupboard.
"I know her type Harry.." I scoffed
"What are you guys talking about?" Eleanor asked as she entered the room.
"nothing" I mumbled
"he's slagging off Taylor again" Harry announced.
"Louis.." Eleanor raised an eyebrow and put her hand on her hip.
"what?" I shrugged
"why can't you be nice?" Eleanor asked.
"because he's a little nasty pasty" Harry pouted
"I'm not I'm just looking out for you" I replied.
"I don't need you to look out for me, she's my friend. You don't need to choose my friends for me Louis" Harry frowned
At that exact moment Taylor walked in.
Nobody said anything everyone hushed as Taylor walked in cautiously.

"bad time..?" she asked
"yes actu-" I began
"no, not at all hun.." Harry butted in giving me the evils.
"oh.." she said before sitting down at the table.
"well we best leave Taylor to head down to the studio.." I said
Taylor looked up towards me before looking back down and twiddling her thumbs but the innocent act didn't work on me at all.

"actually T is coming.." Harry smiled
"what?" I exclaimed.
"Taylor is joining us at the studio.." he repeated.
"I'll jut stay here if-" Taylor began
"no, you're coming" Harry firmly said.
"come el.." I said as I grabbed her hand and dragged her out in a huff.

I went to the studio to get away from this girl and now she was joining us?
It was all getting a bit ridicules to be honest.


"Harry!" I shouted as I banged on the window, he just smirked and swung the keys in his fingers.
"let me out!!" I shouted.

We were just coming back from the studio when Harry and Eleanor decided to go get food, I was about to get out of the car but Harry locked me in, the worst part was that they locked Taylor in with me, I knew there game.

As Harry and Eleanor walked away into KFC, I sat there still tugging on the door.

"I don't think you will open that.." Taylor bluntly said.
"really..I forgot it was locked" I replied with a hint of sarcasm.
"you're rude" she said
"good" I shrugged.

The car was silent for a few moments.

"why do you hate me Louis?" she asked
"whatever gave you that impression?" I said sarcastically, sarcasm was a strong point of mine.
"enough with the sarcasm already, can't you just be civilised and tell me what ive done wrong!?" she replied almost shouting.
"me be civilised!? That's rich" I scoffed
"how..?" she questioned
"I know you're just using Harry" I replied.
"I'm not..I swear" she replied
"yeah yeah, you can't fool me girl" I pouted
"you don't know me.." 
"I know that you're a goldigger" 
"no! no im not!" she shouted
"ok..but I still don't believe you" 
"would a goldigger-" she said before stopped herself.
"would a goldigger do what?" I questioned.
"nevermind.." she mumbled
"no tell me now.." I demanded.

I always hated when people never finished there sentences.

"I uhm.. I can't" she said quietly
"why?" I frowned
"because you already hate me, you'd hate me so much more if I told you about me and my life." she replied, by now I could tell she was getting agitated and nervous.
" tell me now" I ordered
"give me one good reason" she asked
"because..because I care about Harry" I replied, I saw it as a very good reason.
"you're going to find out well basically I'm just going to say it. I used to sell drugs for this guy" she said quickly.
I nearly chocked on my spit.
" what!?" I gasped
"I'm..sorry, but if I was a goldigger do you think I would really get involved with the law.." 
"why..? Are you stupid" I exclaimed 
"I was in a rough patch, I was homeless and this guy said he would help me and he gave me a place to stay as long as I..yknow. I'm ashamed I know but you must understand" she begged
"no..I don't" I replied.
"well you clearly have no empathy skills" she sniffed
"I suppose you took drugs as well?" I judged
"no! God no, I've never ever took drugs in my entire life..not even a cigarette" she replied
"why should I believe you?" I asked
"because I'm just a kid..I've been so stupid recently..I haven't been the kindest person to you, I've probably taken advantage of Harry, I fell in love with a guy who was just using me when Harry was there all along" she said.
"what?..what guy did you fall in love with?" I asked as curiosity got the better of me.
"Nathan, he's the guy who made me..sell stuff. He told me he loved me all the time but now I see he was just using me and well I was stupid" she sighed, by this time she was close to tears.
I can't even believe I was feeling sorry for this girl, maybe I was tough on her, I should have known not to judge a book by its cover, after all she was just a kid.

"Taylor.." I said softly
"please don't pity me, it was my fault" she said before a tea fell down her cheeks
I rolled my eyes to myself and before I could stop myself, I climbed into the back of the car to console her.

"I bet you hate me even more now" she sniffed
"no.." I replied as I hugged her but I wasn't so sure, I was a sucker for crying girls.
"yeah..I'm just a bad influence" she cried even more.
"no..everyone makes mistakes hun..even I do sometimes" I half laughed
"but my mistakes top all of yours put together.." she said wiping her face with her sleeve.
"that doesn't matter, you were used and abused..I know Nathan's types, those men aren't very nice.. No matter how much they tell you they love you" I replied, referring to the men I heard about on the news sometimes.
"you're telling me" she half laughed through tears.
"come on calm down, I get you.." I replied but I still wasn't 100% sure about this girl.
"you do?" she asked looking up into my eyes.
"I do.." I nodded
"you're not so bad you know Louis" she half smiled
"neither are you, but you never heard me say that.." I smirked, making her laugh again.
"does Harry know about this Nathan guy?" I asked
"well yeah, he was the one that kind of saved me when- well it doesn't really matter, but yeah he knows him" she nodded
"when did he save you?" I raised an eyebrow, I was one of those people who had to know everything.
"it's not that relevant to be honest" she replied
"look of we're going to be friends then we have to be honest, ok?" I encouraged her.
"yeah well I suppose but.."
"just tell me.." I replied
"well, when Harry found out that Nathan..that Nathan hit me..he like looked out for me"
"Nathan hit you!?" I gasped before feeling really guilty, this kid had been through some messed up times, I had been so hard on her.
"well yeah, but then I felt really bad because he then hit harry because Harry stuck up for me" she continued
I paused.
"his bust lip.." I nodded, everything fell into place. 
"yeah..he stood up for me and Nathan lashed out so  he just hit him but Harry was so brave and he took me in and without him I'd be homeless." she half smiled
"this all went on under my nose and I never knew..I'm stupid" I replied
"you're not stupid..I just told Liam and harry not to tell anyone, I didn't really want anyone to know my private stuff.." she bit her lip.
" does he know?" I asked before she explained everything else that was relevant.
"wow, there was so much more to you than I thought" I admitted
"well.." she shrugged
"do you miss your mum?" I asked.
"I think about her all the time.." she said, she got all uptight, I thought she was going to cry again but she didn't.
"she will be ok, I know it" I smiled 
"I hope to see her again soon" she nodded
"maybe we should go see her sometime.." I suggested
"would you really come with me?" she raised her eyebrows
"yeah..why not, besides I owe you..I should have been so mean" I bit my lip
"no, you don't owe me..but I'd really like to go see my mum some time, I mean I never had the courage to go on my own.."
"I'll'll be fine, I promise" I smiled.
"thanks Louis.." she smiled 

I never knew she was just a kid who had a few issues, I wanted to help her, that's all she needed.
I finally understood why Harry looked after her so much.

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