that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


8. Chapter8..

*one week later*

"get up taylor.." harry banged on my door.
"Harry..stop banging!" I heard Louis shout from down the hall.
"I'm up" I lied before hiding my head in my pillow.
"you're such a liar.." he said as he burst open my door.
"hey.." I frowned.
"you forced me.."
"I could have been getting changed for all you knew.." I sighed
"but you weren't..come on I have to work later and we need to buy you some of your own clothes" Harry said opening my curtains.
" can't buy me a new've done so much for me already" I said as I sat up.
"you can thank me later just get ready he replied as he slammed my door shut.

Since I had been living with him I had been living in some of Chloe's spare clothes and some of Harry's sweats.
It wasn't the best wardrobe I had but I couldn't complain.

This bedroom was the best bedroom I ever had. I even had a memory foam mattress! I struck lucky for once in my life.

I swung my legs out of bed and opened a draw. I pulled out some leggings and a longish tshirt with a crazy design on it, it was one of Harry's but I didn't mind, it was nice.
I pulled on my red converse and brushed my hair into a side parting, back combing it a little to give it a little 'omph'.

I walked to the kitchen and put some bread in the toaster.
I sat on the stool waiting for it to 'pop' making me jump.

"so Harry's buying you clothes?" Louis asked as he walked in the kitchen.
"uh..yeah I think" I nodded, his presence always made me tense, I just knew he didn't like me.
"right, don't spend all his money will you?" he pouted.
"I won't..don't worry yourself Louis" I said before the toaster altered me.
"I don't know where harry met you but I don't really like you" Louis scoffed
"right ok, you don't know me so I guess it doesn't really bother me.." I shrugged as I added chocolate spread to my toast.
"hi..put me some toast in Taylor" Zayn said as he walked in.
I learnt that the other boys walked In and out of Louis' and Harry's pad whenever they pleased.

I smiled before following his instructions.
Louis walked out in a huff for some reason. 

Me and Zayn talked while munching on toast.

"are you ready T?" Harry shouted from the living room.
"yeah.." I replied as I grabbed my leather jacket.
"I'll see you later" I said to Zayn before walking to Harry.
"bye" he said while munching on toast.

"are we done yet?" I asked as we carried on walking through Westfields.
" need shoes an stuff" harry smiled.
I let out a sigh and rolled my eyes.

All morning we had been shopping, he must have spent about £300 on clothes for me but i did have quite a lot of stuff for that, I was so grateful and I told him I would pay him back, I was determined to get a job and pay him back.

"shoes..what shoes you like?" Harry asked
"i like them.." I said as I pointed at some brown ballet shoes with a design on the front.
"I want you to get at least five pairs of shoes.." Harry said
I rolled my eyes and chose some more.

"we done?" I asked again.
"almost..just one more thing" Harry replied as he gestures for me to follow him.

He took me to a shoe shop.
He went in and picked up some red converse.
He held them up and gave me a smirk.
"you read my mind.." I grinned
He paid for them and we went to Starbucks.

He paid for us both a smoothie and we sat down for a bit.

"thanks Harry" I smiled 
"what are friends for eh?" he smiled
"aw, you're the bestest friend I ever had" I said ever so cheesly.
"aw, thanks hun" he winked

"oh my god..I can't believe it's actually you" said a voice from nowhere.
Me and Harry turned our heads to a girl abit younger than me who was freaking out because Harry styles was stood in front of her.

"hi" Harry simply said.
"can I have a picture please!!" she begged.
"sure" he smiled.
She passed her phone to me and I took their picture.

I smiled and handed her phone back.
"thank you!" she smiled before giving Harry a hug and walking off.
"aw.." I began
"my fans are cute aren't they" Harry smirked.
"yeah..I was a big fan once" I admitted.
"you were?.." Harry sounded shocked.
"yeah..I loves you guys..I had your album and book and everything" I smiled.
"that's cute" Harry smiled.
"yeah, but I lost them when I moved away from my mum" I mumbled
"I'm sorry.." Harry said rubbing my hand which was placed on the table.
"hey don't be sorry..who needs a cd when you're actually living with a member eh?" I joked.
"true.." Harry nodded.
" you think I'm taking advantage of you?" I asked wanting an honest answer.
"T..don't be stupid, no! This was my decision end of" Harry frowned.
"I will pay you back I promise and I will find a job.." 
"oh yeah about that..I spoke to this photographer the other day at our shoot..she said when shes free she will see you" Harry grinned
"you serious?" I gasped almost choking on my smoothie
Harry beamed and nodded.
"oh my god I love you so much thank you!" I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck.
"woah easy, you nearly knocked my juice over" Harry laughed
"sorry I'm just so excited.." I smiled
"good, now we best get back, I have to get down to the studio soon" Harry said as he picked up some bags.
I followed him with some more bags, all mine may I add.

I threw them in the back of Harry's car and got in.
I was putting my seatbelt on when someone made my jump by knocking on the window.

I looked up and A flash happened.
"shit, paps..just look down, you'll be fine" Harry said.
I did as I was told and looked down and twiddled my thumbs until we got out of all the chaos.

"Jesus.." Harry mumbled
"I don't know how you do it" I replied
"same" Harry half laughed.
I giggled.
"so what are you going to do while I'm at the studio?" he asked
"I don't know..probably watch tv" 
"why don't you come with?" Harry asked.
"is that allowed?" I asked
"yeah..Eleanor sometimes comes by" Harry nodded.
"ah, I might then..but what about Louis?" I asked
"what about Louis?" he raised an eyebrow.
"he doesn't like me.." I admitted.
"he does, he just doesnt like change, he will be fine in a few weeks I promise" Harry smiled
"I hope so.." I mumbled but once again I wasn't sure at all.

Me and Harry heaved the bags up the stairs to his home, we walked in and placed all the bags on the sofa that Eleanor and Louis weren't sat on.

"spent all his money then?" Louis asked rudely.
"Louis!" Eleanor gasped as she hit him on his chest.
"get lost Louis, like I said..I owe her" Harry replied
"yeah how much did you spend?" Louis asked
"none of your buisness" Harry said as he chomped on a snicker.
"actually-" Louis began but Harry cut him off.
"it's my money I can do what I like..end of" Harry snapped
Louis was taken a back but then he looked his eyes upon me.. He hated me so much.

I didn't know how to get him to like me..he was just so difficult.

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